Criminal for US, Justice for THEM

By Rebecca S. Jones HOUSTON –Paul Butler wrote a brief entitled, “Chokehold: Policing Black Men and Women in America” in which he states the following. “There has never, not for one minute in American history, been peace between Black people and the police. And nothing

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America’s fatal “legal drug” problem

Prescription drug abuse has become a major public health issue in our country. According to Trust for America, a Washington , D.C ...
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Warner D. Ervin

By Rebecca S. Jones HOUSTON - "All children can learn if placed in an educational environment conducive for teaching and ...
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Letter to the Editor

Let's Talk, There has been so much conversation on all kinds of media outlets about men touching women or showing ...
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Accountability Part I. “Personal”

By Roy Douglas Malonson "I'm gonna make a change; for once in my life; it's gonna feel real good. Gonna ...
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By Nikitra Hamilton, BA, M.Ed., MLS HOUSTON - In 1962, Malcolm X stated, “The most disrespected person in America is ...
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