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Overcoming Blues Hell Hounds

Fighting for the people is a BLUES job. Martin and Coretta were pursued by “blues hellhounds” nipping at their heels. On the night of their wedding, they had...

Too many unnecessary laws

America, it is impossible to legislate personal morality, because the law is no more just than those who are responsible for the administration of the law (s)...

Preparing for Coming Changes

By: Dr. John E. Warren While many are watching developing court cases and the treatment of Blacks and people of color as both victims and perpetrators in the...

The beloved lies about America

White supremacists love their narratives of America. They spoon feed it to their children and force feed it to people of color. When Francis Scott Key penned...

Political Party Base Politics

It is extremely difficult for Americans to hold a positive view of the future because of “Base Politics.” When a political party is entrenched in its own...

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