September 30, 2023

Y Can’t You Let Nancy Pelosi Brake Bread and Drink The Wine of Communion

The Archbishop of San Fran has decided to bar the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi from receiving holy communion. Madame Speaker is the third in line to assume the most powerful position on the planet if, God forbid, President Biden and VP Kamala Harris are unable to serve.

Does anyone else find this exclusionary verdict to be jacked up beside me? I served as communion steward for about 10 –12 years and my understanding of scripture based on the life of the expert was not to partake of it if you were unworthy, shucking and jiving, faking, and deceiving.

The San Fran archbishop has decided to separate the wheat from the chaff by adopting a standard that a high pro-choice government official is persona non-grata at the mercy seat and table. Pro-choice has become the unpardonable and unconscionable sin.

Will the Pope overrule the archbishop?

Christocentric means that all scripture is to be viewed through the lens of the life of Christ. Many religionists believe that civil government and the law is to be respected. I pause because all sages know that commandments are conditional based on time, place, and situation.

In opposition to his spiritual leader, the Pope, the representative of God on Earth, he has decided that Nancy and pro-choice supporters are unworthy of the breeze from heaven.

I am dismayed for this branch of the church has never satisfactory policed pedophilia, often hiding the grown ass men that assaulted little boys.

Research says that pedophilia is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult …. experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children. I interpret this to mean man-boy sex. I interpret this to mean man-girl sex. For centuries, Protestant and Catholic, secular, and non-secular leaders have permitted this contact to flourish, and many victims have not survived this cult. The millions of victims were below the age of consent.

Whatever happened to sin? Clean the inside of the cup.

The church failed to ex-communicate the Nazi propaganda minister, Goebbels, as he co-prepared the final solution for 6 million Jews and millions of Gypsie’s, Nazi, homosexuals, disabled people, and labor leaders. The church found the magnanimous grace to bless Goebbels wedding.

If the gatekeepers to heaven or hell can embrace war criminals and mass murderers by letting them drink the cup and break the bread, why not embrace Nancy Pelosi.

If the gatekeepers can annul a marriage after 25 years and 3 children, why not embrace Nancy Pelosi.

If ex -murderers and whore mongers, child molesters, adulterers and liars, cheats can partake of the body and blood, why not Nancy Pelosi.

Has there been a definite decision on whether life begins at conception or ensoulment?

Has the Archbishop ever carried a child or stood in the place of a victim of rape or incest?

We really can’t throw stones because we all have clay feet. We arrive at the final frontier saying, lay my body down, Lord, remember me.

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