September 28, 2023

What the Hell is Going on at the NAACP?


Letter to the Editor

As a Black man in the city of Houston, personally I feel like the current NAACP leadership has ran its course. The only member I
trust at this point is Dr. Carolyn Evans Shabazz.
She is very active in the community and always fighting for the rights of her people. Now I don’t do James Dixon. I refuse to stand
with a man that I feel is bought and paid for by upper level politics.
You never see him unless he’s trying to calm the Black community down. Why aren’t people like him fighting the good Black fight
daily? Simple. They feel they can get more done without an organization that does nothing. I like Dr. James Douglas.
Yet, I feel it’s time to step aside and yield the post to a new young innovative mind. It’s time for the branch to work for the people.
These young people have the drive and will to take this organization to new heights. I like the fact that they will stand and fight
while the old regime like to sit back and wait for the fight to come to them. I like the fact they don’t support charter schools. I like the
fact that they will stand up to any bully and fight the good fight. I do believe if a racist group, decided to to have a protest on the
branches front yard, they would be ready to go to war.
I also believe the values that the NAACP uses as its foundation will not be altered or changed by the young guns. Sometimes you
have to sit your old a?? down. The old heads need to know that you prepared the youngsters for the day when they would have to take
The time has come. Stand down James Douglas and let the organization grow. Stand down and watch these young trail blazers do
what you taught them. Let them be great in their own way.
Don’t stop progress just because you don’t want be irrelevant anymore. Your legacy is already cemented. It’s time for a new
Dynasty. It’s time for this organization to rise again. Sometimes you have to pass the Baton.
If you choose not to pass the baton, the question is why? Is there some hidden money that can be made? We all know local political
figures stay messing with the money.


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