September 29, 2023

We Must Not Be Afraid

With all the negative things that we are seeing, hearing, and reading about these days in America and the world, we must not be afraid to speak out against all this negativity and evilness as it is happening.  As a Black man, I am able, even more so than others, to see so many negative things happening on so many levels to African Americans. Therefore, I believe the responsibility is greater for us who see more of this hatefulness going on to not be afraid to speak out against it and let other members of the public know the truth.

One thing that I can assure you of, “if you are scared of evil,” then you are not going to try to stop evilness. As a man of God, I fear no evil and I know that all the other people who are true God devoted people of America and the world are not scared of anything.  Another thing that I know about evil people is that they do have some boundaries and that they are not as willing to attack Godly people because they know that God’s people will challenge and defeat their evil plans. However, when you don’t speak out against evil, evil people will continue to get bolder and more dangerous.

Recently, we are beginning to see more people getting shot and killed by gun violence. The NRA has sanction putting most of these dangerous deadly weapons on the streets and communities of America.  I strongly believe that this is an example of why we must speak out against evil, if our young people don’t get to hear the truth about evil, they will continue to do “stupid,” not well thought out things because they haven’t heard enough, nor have they been given enough solid information to keep them from making evil choices.

I spend a lot of time sharing with young people and encouraging them to respect others and do the right thing.  Unfortunately, we have people like Texas’ Governor Greg Abbott, his crew and former President Donald Trump and his followers continuing to push an agenda of “evil.” Therefore, it is important that all of us “true people of God, must do the right things if we want to help our American young people do the right things that are pleasing to God. I always tell people that if you are God filled, you will not be afraid to speak against evil because God makes you unafraid of evil people. The Bible reminds us that we should fear no evil. We must not be afraid to teach and show our nation’s and the world’s younger generations that evil, cruel, toxic people are not and should not be our world’s leaders. God has revealed to me that the best way to relieve the pressure on younger generation is by telling them the truth.

Once our younger generation is fully informed about evil and good, then we will see a lot of the evilness removed from our American communities and the world itself.

I’ll end this article by emphasizing the fact that “we must not or should not be afraid”, because God is our true leader on this planet… and he is very much in control. God Bless America!



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