September 27, 2023

Unchain the Mind

Not Another 400 Years: “Unchain the African-American Mind”

Dear Mr. Malonson:

I read some of your article in reference to Trump Making America Great Again.  I know that 100% of African American Community Newspapers support the Democratic Party.  But there are new brave leaders who admonish black people to leave the Democratic Party, because it has Destroyed the Black Community!!  Namely:  Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson; many florists, bakers,photographers-businesses closed because they would not do a Gay Wedding; Elbert Guillory (State Senator from Louisiana); Former Civil Rights Leader, Clarence Henderson; AME Grandmother voted for Donald Trump and recently, a Black Man was the “ONLY” black face in the London Protests for TRUMP!!!

Mr. Malonson, I think it’s time to present the real facts.  The President has a right to protect our borders, we cannot allow any and everyone to come to this country, we have to check their backgrounds.  Why is that so hard for you to accept that this is in the best interest of our nation and our community!!!

Most importantly, Democrats do not protect the sanity of life, they want to take away our rights to bear arms, they want to force the churches to perform gay marriage, and these issues are not in the best interest of African Americans.  Why won’t you allow the African American people to see the reality about the destruction that the Democratic Party has done to our community!!

Present the facts, and let the people choose, Free the African American Mind.


Democratic Party Destroying the Black Race!!

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