September 24, 2023

Third Eye Opener: Go Back to Africa

By: Cameron Benton

How many times have we heard the phrase, “Go Back to Africa?” We’ve all heard it mostly from a negative aspect. This is verbal evidence of someone’s racism coming to the surface.

However, this is not what this article is about. One morning while having a cup of coffee and standing in my front yard I thought to myself ‘Go Back to Africa? Hmmmm, not a bad idea.’

With Trump being in office, seeing the way that he attempts to deport 2/3rds of our Latino community back to Mexico, it made me entertain the thought of being deported to North Africa due to the fact of I am Hebrew-African American. That’s where my investigation started.

The first thing I had to do was to look beyond the media propaganda of how they promote Africa as a poor country, with babies starving with no food. Upon my studies, I found out that Africa is four times the size that it’s promoted! You could fit 14 Green lands in the inside of Africa, and it has unlimited natural resources with mostly flat grasslands with little to no jungles, and a beautiful terrain that will leave you speechless.

Once again, let’s think back and look at the history of not only the land itself, but the history of the people. It’s called Africa from the word Africanus (translates Motherland), in a more ancient term, it would’ve been called Alkebulan or Kush. Some of Africa’s more popular landmarks are: the Garden of Eden is located there, the Holy land Israel is there and not to mention the mysterious lands of Egypt. The pyramids of Egypt are built in specific coordinates to serve as energy points. What’s more mysterious is that the Pyramids of Egypt are parallel to energy points of other pyramids found on Mars. Should February be African History month? The name sounds better already!

Now let’s go into depth about the history of the people of Africa. We could go back to the time of Adam and Eve, but this is not the Genesis of African history. Let’s start with King David, the Bible gives direct scriptures stating that our Savior Yahushua Christ Jesus comes directly from the bloodline of King David (KJV Matthew 1:1-17).

The Jews of the time of Yahushua Christ Jesus’ time were of a dark complexion, high in melanin Hebrew African. The Jewish culture of today is European converts under the code of Judaism. Revelation 2:9(KJV).

So it’s safe to say that even the Messiah, our Savior, would be Hebrew Jew but with African Melanin and African features; face, hair and body profile etc. Biblical scriptures that support that the True Messiah is Black are Matthew 1:1-17, Matthew 2:13-15, Revelation 1:14-15 (KJV).

As a matter of fact, Hollywood and Mainstream knows that the Messiah is Black as well. Hollywood gives reference to this in movies such as; “Evan Almighty” and “Heaven Is For Real.” Some of our Hebrew African American actors such as Denzel Washington, Blair Underwood and East Texas’s own Forest Whitaker, are going more public with our African history.
So the next time someone tells you to go back to Africa, don’t be offended. Take a deep breath count to 10 and know that it’s not only a good idea, its prophecy! (Ezekiel 20:38-49 KJV).

Speak Blessings, Speak Life.

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