The Foundation Of Political Partisanship

No doubt about it, the socio-economic and political foundation of partisanship is institutional racism. Hence, it is no accident in American history that the voting influence of the 21st century GOP has been Southern confederate states as well as some borderline Midwestern states. Of course, the Great Migration of some Whites to Northern states during the Great Depression for jobs negatively impacted the mentality of some northern states. Tragically, President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated for signing The Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, and promising freed slaves forty acres and a mule. President Lyndon B. Johnson declared after signing the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and The Voting Rights Act of 1965 that the Democratic Party just conceded the south politically to the GOP, and he did not lie.


Thus, the GOP Party of Lincoln died in 1964-1965, and became the Republican Dixiecrat cult, and in (2016) Donald J. Trump became the cult leader. We should never forget that Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. was fatally assassinated for challenging the Southern White Autocratic socioeconomic structure of the south institutionalized by the Dixiecrat Democratic Party. Now, we all know why there is so much bold unashamedly open race based-confusion in the GOP. Moreover, the South has never been an inclusive God Fearing democratic region of America. The South has always been looking for something for nothing. Consequently, federal dollars awarded to southern states have always been unwisely utilized, without regard for including all citizens. Hence, this has hampered the intellectual and socioeconomic advancement of the south. Of course, the federal government has not been persistent in oversight accountability.


Sadly, the GOP has been hi-jacked by the southern mentality of White Privilege Dixiecrat Autocracy grounded in the slogan that “the south shall rise again”. Now we know why the GOP is without shame, and boldly and devilishly embraced the ungodly White Privilege mentality of Donald J. Trump as its Presidential leader in conjunction with (73+ million) spiritually misguided Americans.


The South is the most underdeveloped region of America, and largely inhabited by miseducated Blacks as well as Whites socio-economically. Playing racial politics is dysfunctional as well as an abomination to God. Ultimately, racialized politics is non-beneficial to both Blacks victims as well as White perpetrators, because individuals cannot afford to allow racial politics to stop human progress at any level.

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