September 25, 2023


Black Dads: It’s time to go home!

By: Roy Douglas Malonson  During these times of unemployment, racial injustice, and instability within families, the need for fatherhood, especially Black fatherhood, is greater than ever. Millions of children across America live in households without a physically present father, and millions more live in a household with emotionally absent fathers.  But why is this? According …

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Partin the Waters: Y R U so angry with your BABY MAMA?

I got it. You are angry because she sent” those people” after you. You admitted that you were the father after the DNA results. You told Mama that condoms robbed romance of the real fun. Then the Attorney General wanted almost three years of back child support. You are dumbfounded and can’t figure out where you are supposed to find that many Benjamins.

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