September 24, 2023

Partin the Waters: Y R U so angry with your BABY MAMA?

HOUSTON – I got it. You are angry because she sent” those people” after you. You admitted that you were the father after the DNA results. You told Mama that condoms robbed romance of the real fun. Then the Attorney General wanted almost three years of back child support. You are dumbfounded and can’t figure out where you are supposed to find that many “Benjamins.”

Next those people demanded that you pay for three years of formula. Then your income tax refund was seized and now they are threatening to revoke your barbers license. Old school, it’s messed up.

Plus, when I go to visit my children, the mother has skittles on her nails and a fancy hairstyle for the club. When I give her money, she spends it as if I have a money tree. I must admit that my kids are clean and happy. Other than an occasional ear infection, they are healthy.

Now let “Old School” talk. Homeboy grow up. Never throw your baby’s mama under the bus, especially in front of the children. You are the non-custodial parent. Mama often must make do in order to maintain a place to live in, even when you have the children in your possession.

When the children were teething and crying 24-7, it was Mama supplying the Orajel and TLC tender loving care. You had the freedom to be with your other squeeze. For years, you got the milk while having no intention of ever buying the cow.

Now you want somebody to send in the clowns because your parade is being rained on.

Old School says, “Give Mama a standing ovation. “Wave at her as she waits on the 44 bus. Take some of the dollars from your weed stash and send her and the children to Disneyland. Then finance her to take a rest and recuperation vacation in Aruba.

Mommy does so many things that baby fathers are not good at.

Hell no with the “NAH NAH NAH.”

Sage poet Don Williams says that this is the type of woman that God would have taken as a wife.

Empower her with praise and encouragement and she will empower your kids.

Old school says BE a DADDY, you called those people on yourself. Get Momma a “BMW- black man working.” Assist in solving her problems and Mama might make you happy and, as a team, you can produce productive citizens.

Don’t waste a mistake by not learning a lesson.

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