September 29, 2023

Represent the Real

As a nation, we must focus our lives on the ingredients that make us real and not artificial. The most common, destructive circumstances that we are dealing with these days don’t really represent “real.” When you have so many of the same people who spread untruth information about Trump not losing the presidential election, still pedaling the same untruths during this election, we must start recognizing that we are definitely drifting toward supporting the artificial. Sadly, to say, it appears to me that this continuous support of the artificial is only being pushed to make crooked artificial people look powerful.

I am fully confident that “the world is not judged by appearance but reality” and that angry crazy racist attempting to represent “real” will never be the “real” people that God has called to lead our nation and the world. When one looks at the history of evil people there are short periods of time where they really do appear to be powerful; however, they always get defeated and stripped of their power because they are not God’s” real” leaders.

Recently, the crazy man who broke into US representative Nancy Pelosi’s home and attacked her husband was just another representative of Trump’s followers and their evil mindsets and operations. Those type of people will never take over America because America has many representatives like Nancy Pelosi who are true powerful governmental leaders who have clearly supported and represented “all” the people in a positive manner since their election to their respective positions.

I believe that if Trump’s people “ever” gain control of America, our nation is destined to lose its power, but I further believe that we will not lose power, because we have more God-fearing Americans than ungodly Satanic following Americans.

I close by stating that I have the greatest confidence in the fact that America will continue to be a “real” nation and without a doubt, one of the greatest nations on the planet, simply because we represent that which is real! God Bless America and the rest of the world!


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