September 27, 2023

Rep. Senfronia Thompson named Vice Chair of House Select Committee on Statewide Health Care Costs

AUSTIN, Texas — On Dec. 10, Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen appointed Representative Senfronia Thompson to serve as the Vice Chair of the House Select Committee on Statewide Health Care Costs.

“I am deeply concerned about the continued rise in health care costs and I am appreciative to Speaker Bonnen for appointing me to serve as Vice Chair of this important committee. During the 86th Legislative Session, I spoke out against the rising prices of prescription drugs and successfully added an amendment to make drug companies tell us why drug prices have increased so much. But that is only one step in a complicated healthcare system and I’m glad to be part of this select committee so we can more closely examine other primary drivers that increase our health care costs,” said Rep. Thompson.

The primary drivers the Select Committee has been charged with examining include the following:

1. current health care financing strategies;
2. fragmentation of the care delivery administrative burden
3. population, health, and social factors the contribute to rising rates of chronic disease and poor health;
4. insurance coverage and benefit design;
5. lack of transparency in the cost of health care services;
6. regional variations in the cost of care;
7. consolidation and lack of competition in the provider and insurance markets
8. health care workforce capacity and distribution; and
9. fraud, abuse and wasteful spending.

In addition, the Select Committee will study opportunities to better coordinate how public dollars are spent on health care and identify emerging and proven delivery system improvements and sustainable financing models that could reduce the cost of health care.

“No Texan should go without medical treatment because they can not afford it or do not have access to care. We must start finding solutions to reduce our health care bills so all Texans can have access to quality, affordable health care,” said Rep. Thompson.

Speaker Bonnen appointed the following members to the House Select Committee on Statewide Health Care Costs: Greg Bonnen, Chair; Senfronia Thompson, Vice-Chair; Garnet Coleman; Phillip Cortez; James Frank; Cody Harris; Cole Hefner; Stephanie Klick; Eddie Lucio III; Christina Morales and Tom Oliverson.
The Select Committee will submit a final report with recommendations for House members to consider during the 87th Legislative Session.
State Representative Senfronia Thompson represents District 141 which encompasses Northeast Houston and a portion of Humble, Texas. She also serves as Chair of the House Committee on Public Health.

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