September 24, 2023

Racism is a Problem

By Billy “Hollywood” Groves

Although acts of racism against African Americans and other non-white Americans still occur every day in our nation, we still have Americans who don’t see prejudicial mistreatment and disrespect of Black people as a problem.

Before I go any further with this article, I want to make it clear that we have more real Americans of all colors that have great respect for African Americans than we have racists.

However, the reality these days is based on confusion and deception being put out to the public by racist people and groups who have problems with Black people.

Subsequently, this is why we must step-up, as a nation, and oppose any mistreatment of certain Americans especially those being enforced through our judicial system, which statistics shows have imprisoned a disproportionate, massive number of African Americans.   While the judicial system is one highly visible area, it should also be noted that brown people and poor white people have also been victimized through numerous other avenues of racism in America.

In fact, under this POTUS we are seeing more and more racist activities being portrayed as normal activities, despite the fact that we all can see that these activities are truly hateful and racist in nature.   This is why it is so important for Americans to develop a strong widespread National “negative response” to racism of any kind displayed anywhere in America.

I’ve been criticized by some people in the past for not speaking out and writing about Black on Black crimes that have occurred in African American communities.  The truth is, I have written and spoken publicly about negative Black crimes committed by Black people against other Black people.  Everyone who really knows me, know how I feel about negative people who are trying to destroy our communities.  I still live in a predominately African American Community and I religiously speak with our young and older people about “any” problems we are confronted with and how we change them in a positive way.

As with America, we all know that there are many more, good, decent, loyal God-fearing people in our African American communities than there are evil criminals, but for some reason the majority of our news is centered around the evil criminals.

I’ve noticed in my lifetime that one of the main “motivational tools’ of racism is for racists to keep Black people out of positions of “Power”.  That is why it is very important for us to invest in Black and minority businesses, which have leaders and bosses who look like them.

Sadly, to say, prejudice and racism in America has one quality that racists love to generate and that is “divisions among the people”. Racism divides the citizens of America based on negative, untrue “fake” information about African Americans and their alleged ineptness.

There’s an old saying that goes like this “a lie can travel around the world five times before the truth gets started, but when the truth comes out, it will set the record straight with just one trip”.  All of the lies and false information you are hearing about Black people and other Americans must be challenged with the truth.  The truth will set us free and put racism and racists in their place, which is at the bottom!   God Bless America!


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