October 1, 2023

Parting the Waters: Disinformation and Misinformation

Once that there is a King in the most powerful office in the land, the people are no longer free


HOUSTON – Disinformation is different than misinformation. Disinformation is information that is intentionally false and meant to trick, subvert or deceive. Disinformation is often used by governments to achieve evil ends in the absence of force.

Galant citizens of the United States have been striving for a more perfect union for 250 years. Now we have arrived at a point whereby spiritually and morally decadent forces are seeking to install a king in the most powerful office in the land. In order to establish a king, it will be necessary to weaken and destroy constitutional norms such as the rule of law, separation of powers- coequal government. Until now all attempts to establish an IMPERIAL PRESIDENCY in the US have failed.

One of the methods that hostile governments attempt to establish strong man rule is to sow discord inside organizations such as BLACK LIVES MATTER. A battalion of imposters post fake and suspicious tweets, emails from locations as far away as St. Petersburg, Russia.

With tens of thousands of Soviet citizens and celebrants, I was in Lenin stadium when the General Secretary of the Communist Party announced the restructuring of the Soviet empire and the embrace of openness in the empire. This empire had systematically fed incorrect information to my friend and the Soviet Union about Black Americans.

In 1985 I was in the Soviet Union for the 40th anniversary of the end of WWII and the defeat of fascism. During my two weeks stay, I met a Soviet technical worker while using the latrine. As we talked, we became friends and spent a considerable amount of time together. He was married with a family and an inquisitive girlfriend that was a lifelong Beatles fan and captivated by Levi Strauss jeans.

My friend, Dimitrov believed that black Americans were fundamentally in the same position that we were at the close of slavery in 1865. For example, when he asked me if I had a car, he was surprised when I told him that I owned three cars. When he asked me if I had a TV for my family, he was surprised to hear me say that I owned three televisions. He explained to me that he had received propaganda from his government that almost all Black America lived in slums and dark ghettoes. He did not believe that black workers could own any property or worth. He had been brainwashed to believe only black entertainers and athletes could enjoy the good life.

As Ray Charles sings about Jonah living in the belly of the whale, “It ain’t necessarily so.” The government of the Soviet Union is on a campaign to foment (instigate) black distrust in liberal elites such as Hilary Clinton and Joe Biden, and encourage political affection in strong men who want to be kings.

Putin is sure about two things. One is that there are useful self-dealing idiots in the United States and the second is that America is hypocritical regarding its citizens of color. This weak link is ripe for attack.

Yes, the racial inequality dilemma persists in America a century following the Civil War. I was at the Gettysburg Battlefield a couple of weeks ago and the guide explained that the War death statistic had been revised upward to 700, 000 as a result of the conflict about whether this nation could exist half free and half slave. The South lost because of a bad theory and a lie.

We should be sophisticated enough that tweets and bots will not cause Americans to become useful idiots or unwitting agents of the calculated assault on Democracy.

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