September 29, 2023

Our History Matters

You can’t erase history, and you can’t act like it never existed. In recent news, Florida Governor DeSantis discussed his take on why the proposed AP (Advanced Placement) African American course has been rejected, and will not be allowed in Florida schools. In a letter to the College Board from his administration stated, “As presented, the content of this course is inexplicably contrary to Florida law and significantly lacks educational value.”

The course includes topics such as the Black Lives Matter Movement, Black Feminism, and reparations. It also includes topics about Black communism, and critical race theory. I don’t see what the issue is. These topics have been a part of Black history for years, and it is important that students are educated about it. The course started as a pilot last fall and is supposed to be offered across the nation in the 2024-2025 school year.

According to CNN, “It was developed over the last decade and is intended to be a multidisciplinary study of the African American diaspora that includes literature, the arts, science, politics and geography.” I think it’s beautiful that this course was proposed. We need more courses like this.

Rejecting this course is like rejecting the identity of Black culture. This is a part of who we are, our culture, our identity. It seems as time progresses, more and more Black history is being watered down or not discussed all together. It is important that we voice our opinion and stand up for what we believe in. If we don’t then who? However, you can’t fight for something you know nothing about, so it’s important that we learn and know our history so we will know what we’re fighting for and why we’re fighting for it.

We need history. We have to preserve it and talk about it so we can continue to learn from the past. Our ancestors fought for us, and when I mean us, I am not just talking about Black people, I am talking about America. They wanted a better America for everyone because they saw one possible. We can’t let that vision die. We can’t let history die. It’s not just about us, but about the generations that are coming behind us as well.

It has been said that Governor DeSantis is thinking about running for president in the next election. With the changes he has made in Florida, I wonder what changes he would make as president. The College Board said it will release a new framework for the course. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens next.

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