September 22, 2023

N**** Please!

“Our lives begin to end the day we remain silent about things that matter.” -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

We MUST understand some of the biggest problems with Black folks, is Black folks. Here lately, I have been expressing a thought conveyed by Dr. King years ago. I believe it is something we Africans living in America need to be mindful of.

We MUST learn the importance of speaking out about things that are happening in our communities, rather than turning a blind eye to them. I don’t care if I have to speak out against another person of Color in order to get my message across. Hell, “Blame it On Me”, because that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Because, I am sick and tired of seeing Black folks in power treating others like them, worse than our counterparts.

It’s one thing to have an ought with your brother or sister, but, it takes it to another level when we act out in front of others who have no respect or regard for us anyway. I will be the first one to say that, every Black face you see in power is not really Black. We are surrounded by many Uncle Tom’s who pretend to stand by us when we are together, but, stab us in the back when we are not around. Now, I am not calling out no one person in particular by making this statement – but, if the shoe fit – Wear It!

Just recently, the city was made award of an incident which occurred amongst our Black elected officials. The public display bothered me and is one of the main reasons why I stress emphasis on the Black community holding our elected officials accountable in every way. Furthermore, I must admit that I don’t agree with every Black decision made by every Black elected official. But, We MUST Understand some things are better addressed behind closed doors, versus in the presence of those who are already against us anyway. The last thing we Africans living in America need to show the public is that there is blatant division and strife amongst us, especially when it comes to addressing our leaders.

The most-recent display of Black on Black hostility in leadership came when Councilman Dwight Boykins showed his outrage with Mayor Sylvester Turner by intentionally “tagging” almost, all of the items on the Council’s agenda. His discontent was initiated by the Mayor’s “refusal to swear-in 68 graduated fire cadets.” Now, there you go acting up…N**** PLEASE!!

I just wonder if the Mayor was a White man would this still have happened? Would you still have “tagged” nearly, EVERY ITEM?? N**** PLEASE!!

Although space will not allow me to dive into this scenario as much as I would like, all I can say is, N**** PLEASE!! It is a shame the way we do one another for the sake of election purposes or to win votes.

Now, anybody who had any sense already knew the ramifications that came along with Propositions A & B in regards to the firefighters. Last year, the Mayor already prepared the City for the consequence of voting in favor of Proposition B. So, N**** PLEASE don’t act shocked and surprised and try to retaliate.

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