September 26, 2023

Mixed Knutz Movie Premiere in Houston

Houston is quickly becoming the new hot spot for emerging arts and entertainment projects. Houston is less expensive than other well-known film and T.V. locations and has a professional crew and talent for high-quality T.V. and film projects.

Mixed Knutz is an eight-episode television S=series that was shot right here in Houston. The show depicts the life of four guys who practically grew up in the hood together and became good friends regardless of their differences. Their daily challenges come from within, which will prove that no matter what is said or done, they have each other’s back, and that turning on each other is not an option.

We asked the Creator/Director Shade Edwards to share insight on how her Mixed Knutz came to be.

Afram News: How did you conceive this project?

Shade Edwards: I came up with the name, then the concept, and wrote around those ideas.

Afram News: Why did you do a Houston Premiere?

Shade Edwards: Houston is where I’ve done many projects.

Afram News: What was the most fulfilling moment from this project?

Shade Edwards: Completion. It took me finding the right combination of actors to bring this to life after almost three years.

Christian Cordan Eddings, who stars as Levi in the TV Series Mixed Knutz, were asked a couple of questions about his thoughts about the series.

Afram News: What made Mixed Knutz so unique?

Christian Cordan Eddings: Mixed Knutz is unique because you don’t see any TV series about four guys living in an apartment together, especially four guys in an apartment with three rooms. My character sleeps on the couch.

Afram News: Can you tell us a little about your character?

Christian Cordan Eddings: My character’s name is Levi. He is an ex-con who has just been released and is trying to regain his life. Of course, he still has some ties to the streets but that does not define him anymore. He is the cousin of Clayton, the rich kid of the bunch, and he is the only one without a room.

Afram News: Can you share an interesting fact about yourself?

Christian Cordan Eddings: An interesting fact about myself is that I am also an R&B singer/songwriter/producer, and my character is pretty much the opposite of me in real life.

We are excited to see the next steps for this funny, engaging, and honest-to-life comedy about Black Men living their best lives. Please check out the Mixed Knutz YouTube Channel at to view sneak peaks of the show until it is released.


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