October 1, 2023

Letter To The Editor

By: Floyd Andrews

I am writing to commend the article by Roy D. Malonson, Balanced, will they fight for us. He pointed out that Black people making political history having common similarities in deciding to join in the ranks of interracial marriage. There are many in the Black community who decide to venture out by thinking they will establish greater credibility having White partner and becoming more accepted in America.

I realize that is legal for people of mixed races to marry, however, it is really counterproductive if the main objective is strictly about power and failing to assist the Black people who were totally responsible for them to achieving success. They continue to promote “I’ve made it,” even though their White partners still having the last word in making the final decision on important matters affecting everyone.

What sense does it make for Black people having power if they fail to help their own race and forget about them after they rise to the elite status? Yes Roy, I am glad you decided to expose these negroes who are only concerned about themselves and who say to hell with anyone who questions their real motives.

We must ask ourselves, are they really our friends? The last thing we need as black people are more reality show politicians.

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