Letter to the Editor: Response to “Barbershop Talk: Precinct One” Story

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I appreciated your article about my husband Tom Bass. It is gratifying to know that his work with the black community is still appreciated and honored.

Another little tidbit about Tom. When he first ran for the Court we lived in a three story home in the South MacGregor area. At time a few blacks were moving in and many whites were leaving. We were intimidated with offers to buy our house at a losing rate. A group in our community joined to put signs in our yard.

This is our Home
It is not for sale.

The only reason we sold the house later was that five of our ten children had left home and the cost of air conditioning that large a home was burdensome. Our neighbors where we live now are Asian and Latino on each side, Blacks and Indian across the street.

Thank you,

Mary Ann Bass
Mrs. Tom Bass

Photo credit: madd.org

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