September 28, 2023

“Get A Life”

Dear Editor,

I have read and kept up with the information you have shared with your readers regarding the problems Dr. Latonya Goffney has encountered with members of the board. Thank you for printing the truth. As an employee of the district for the past 28 years, I am and so many others are excited about the direction she is taking this district. Finally, someone with an agenda all about educating our kids and treating people fairly. Not for their own personal satisfaction and name recognition.

Please do not stop exposing the injustices that remains on the board. Since the publishing of many articles, Dr. Viola Garcia & Rose Avalos wants everyone to think that they are supporting Dr. Goffney. They are putting on this façade. Especially Dr. Garcia, she is trying to maintain the façade until the election, hoping she will be reelected to maintain her position on the national level. We need a strong candidate to run against her, she is using the board for her own personal agenda. She remains in constant contact with former Superintendent Dr. Bamberg, keeping up dissention and she actually thinks she is fooling everyone, but we all know nothing has changed with her. Dr. Garcia is soliciting candidates to run for the soon to be open position held now by Patricia Bourgeois, in an effort to stack the board with someone who will go along with her agenda. She wants nothing but to sabotage Dr. Goffney’s agenda. Her effort is to retain and maintain some of the old policies of racism, favoritism, mistreatment, and disrespect that we encountered from former Superintendent Wanda Bamberg, that’s why all confidential matters that are discussed amongst the board is communicated to Dr. Bamberg by Dr. Garcia. Violation of the oath.

Our advice to Dr. Bamberg is, “GET A LIFE & STAY OUT OF ALDINE’S BUSINESS.” You have done enough damage to Aldine ISD and there is no need to list all the damage you have done; you are clearly aware of it. Let it be known that Dr. Goffney has done more in one year, than you attempted to do in the ten years you held the position. As for you Dr. Garcia, if this agenda is not for you and have a problem doing what is right, LEAVE.

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