September 25, 2023

George Floyd: Policing as property rights policy

Bobby E. Mills, PhD

American society operates upon a White male property rights construct; even though within a Constitutional construct framework. America says that the system is based upon God-given-human-rights (Preamble U. S. Constitution). Thus, policing is an expression of property rights policy; protecting White men and their property. Blacks are viewed as the property of White men; even White women are defined as property (case in point miscegenation laws). Law enforcement constabularies (departments) are only instruments of enforcing the property rights legalized system of White Male Privileges. Hence, in America, we have policing without equal justice; therefore, police departments function as arresting officers, prosecutors, Judges, and juries: just us (Blacks), not JUSTICE.  Blacks are not who White America say they are, but White America is who Blacks know them to be: looking for something for nothing—White Privilege–everyday in the week and twice on Sundays! Question: is there a bounty placed upon the heads of Black boys and Black men? The recent police murder of George Floyd is a classic example. Sadly, with impunity police officers feel free to openly commit murder while being filmed in daylight. That’s really having bold-brazen-gall! Question: where does this militaristic mentality in a civilian police department come from? Is it because police departments recruit primarily from ex-military-personnel? Obviously, police departments need a more sophisticated-thorough-testing-vetting and profile recruiting system! Moreover, it is obvious that every city needs a Civilian Police Review Board.

The brutal execution-style-death of George Floyd reveals two ungodly facts about the policy of policing in American society: (1) The Blue-Code-Mentality among policemen supersedes individual godly-moral-conscience. Three police officers actively participated by restraining the crowd while a fellow officer executed, George Floyd, as he was begging for his life, and as on-lookers screamed at the officer you are killing him! Justice is color blind in American society. The tactic employed by the officer is not a part of police training, manual or procedures. Lady Justice is not blind, but she must be peeping and saying to Police Officers he’s Black; it’s okay to do anything to him regardless of rules/regulations/procedures. Wisdom is from God, therefore “: (2). Property rights are far more valuable and important than human rights. America’s socio-economic-system defines Blacks as the property of Whites; therefore, Blacks have no God-given-human-rights. The system works for the system, and this is why in Minneapolis individuals are attacking the property rights system. Hence, “Get wisdom, get understanding: forget it not….Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom; and in all of thy getting get understanding.” (Proverbs 4: 5, 7).

America has always known that Christian Right Evangelicals were unadulterated hypocrites, and in 2016 it came to the surface when 82% of them voted for an ungodly buffoon to become the President of the most powerful nation in the world in order to continue to promote White Privilege. Thus, when Black men tell other Black men that White Ice is colder; shun them, because they are without God Conscience!

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