October 2, 2023

From Ivy League to No League

Harvard University is the most prestigious institution of higher learning in the world community. Thus, Harvard does not belong to White Privilege, but to eternal posterity (succeeding generations). In fact, (8) of America’s (46) Presidents are graduates of Harvard University. It goes without saying that Former President Donald J. Trump is not one of the eight, but Former President Barack Obama is a card carrying member of the club of eight. Four of the Supreme Court Justices are also graduates of Harvard University, including the most recently appointed Justice, Ketanji Brown Jackson. Additionally, some of our most successful business personalities are also graduates of Harvard. Question: with all of Harvard’s extraordinary success in every academic arena; even Harvard has some well-known graduates who absolute failures in every facet of life are, especially in politics.

Hence, even prestigious acclaimed Harvard University has graduated some complete and absolute educated fools and every commonsense American knows precisely who they are! For instance, Senator Ted Cruz who allowed Donald J. Trump to sinfully speak ill of his wife and father, without a Godly challenge. Of course, we all know that his country of origin (Cuba) was just like a Southern Confederate State, and his attitudes toward Blacks give witness to his socialized origin. God knows that this is not the stellar hallmark of an esteemed Harvard university graduate. America let’s examine two more noted examples of complete morons who are esteemed Harvard graduates: Senator Josh Holly and Governor Ron DeSantis. Question: would a Harvard graduate who is a U. S. Senator walk across the Capitol ground during an attempted overthrow of America’s multi-cultural democracy and give a White Power sign with his left-hand?

Harvard University should red-line Senator’s Holly’s law degree, because he does not spiritually understand either law or the Lawgiver (God)!  Now we come to Governor Ronald DeSantis of Florida, and to understand the spiritual as well as educational ignorance of DeSantis is like attempting to harness lightning in a jar. It is completely impossible for mankind. DeSantis is up-side down and completely confused concerning the (1619) Project: slavery. Slavery was involuntary forced servitude, the epitome of dehumanization. DeSantis is attempting to see the forest through the trees, instead of walking past the trees in the forest to behold the forest. A Harvard man that would publicly state that slaves benefitted from slavery has malnutrition of the brain.

The ideas and ideologies of these Harvard graduates are not only a negative reflection on the moral character of the three graduates but is also a reflection on Harvard itself. Question: Harvard you allowed these individuals admission, but for God’s sake why did you allow them to graduate? Was It White Affirmative Action? Every Godfearing American can spiritually understand Senator Tuberville’s Alabama ungodly Southern education, but it is impossible to understand how three malnutrition of the brain individuals could possibly graduate from Harvard’s “exceptional” Law School. Harvard please thoroughly reexamine both your admission and graduation policies, and perchance if you admit an ungodly idiot, please do not allow him or her to graduate.

Harvard know this, your spiritual purpose, intellectual mindset, and moral guidelines to all things pertaining to educational development should be: “The fear of the Lord is the instruction in wisdom; and before honour is humility.” (Proverbs 16: 33).




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