October 1, 2023

Fight the Power

Last week, I was shopping for essentials at the local grocery store and the clerk gives me a receipt for $6.66. At jet-like speed, I told her to void this transaction as I was only mildly superstitious. Biblically, threescore, three hundred and six represents the number of the beast in the last days. Some scholars are sure that this number represented the Roman Empire that became a perpetual adversary to the beloved community.

On September 1 of this year, Governor Greg Abbott signed into law 666 pieces of legislation designed to restrict voter rights, attack reproductive freedom and end abortion and persecute the transgender population. One of the pieces of this legislation seeks to prohibit the teaching of the Texas-Tulsa style riot and attack on Black communities in our public schools.

In 1930, in Sherman, Texas a mad white mob destroyed this community and suppressed the knowledge about this attack. Let us look at the back story.

Our local stalwart, Chris Hollins, former Harris Count clerk, spooked the anti-democratic forces. Along with the national fossils losing the House, Senate and Presidency and the local fossils losing Harris, Bexar, Dallas and Travis counties. Key Republicans such as Attorney General Ken Paxton and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick squeaked by in Harris County.

Hollins supercharged voter participation through drive through, mail-in and drop boxes. The Democratic governor of California was recently facing a recall vote. He won handily and part of the refrain was, “Do you want California to become like Texas?”

Texas leads the nation in child poverty and uninsured children. Three of the poorest urban areas in the country are in the great state of Texas. If your children grow poor in Texas, they are less likely to complete high school and successfully enter the world of work or college. They are more likely to enter the criminal justice system, use drugs, become a premature parent. For a poor parent, being poor in Texas is the hardest job in America. I hail from a poor state, Louisiana, but Texas takes the honors for POOR.

Elections matter, LEADERSHIP matters. Trump won by one-half million votes in November 2020 in the state of Texas. Now, under the slogan of prevention of election fraud, the Republicans are getting ready to spend millions of dollars to recount the vote. The same results will happen when this happens. In Maricopa County, Arizona, Joe Biden picked up votes following the recount. EMBARASSING. Has anyone considered using this money to shore up the sinking Texas Unemployment Assistance Fund?

Texas will soon attempt to accomplish anti-democratic voter suppression measures through redistricting-gerrymandering. Because we are unable to win outside the beltway, there is little legal recourse, although there will be a phalanx of lawsuits.

This state can go purple to blue because Abbott and his cronies are drunk with power and are overreaching. The Chris Hollins voting mob can make them pay. 666 is represented by the anti-democratic forces in Texas. In the long run, they will lose because anything that goes against the laws of nature and those rights granted by the divine is unsustainable. This means NO LIE CAN LIVE FOREVER. NO ONE CAN STOP THE RAIN.

Curious about what’s next for Chris Hollins? “When our Congress comes together next year. I want to make sure that a new voting rights act is coming together to make sure that we are making common sense and bipartisan changes that will make voting easier. Serving as county clerk has certainly been the honor of my lifetime. I enjoyed public service, I could see myself being a public servant again but for now, I’m focused on my family and I’m focused on my law practice.”


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