December 1, 2023

COMMENTARY: George Floyd and Derek Chauvin

George Floyd and Derek Chauvin: these two names are forever historically/spiritually linked as a tragic inhumane injustice, because justice is a spiritual concept, and without a God conscience justice cannot ever prevail. Thus, when individuals do not know the Spiritual Lawgiver, it is impossible for them to justly enforce manmade laws. The public police execution of Floyd shocked the moral conscience of the world, and raised a spiritually profound moral question: how could such a public display of law enforcement injustice exist in the greatest democracy the world has ever seen? Moreover, human rights are the cornerstones of American democracy: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

American history is characterized by racial injustice and racial violence; even though, America is guided by the most profound spiritual governing document that the world has ever known: The Constitution. Hence, we all know that Only God can judge motive (s); even though, in courtrooms prosecutors attempt to assess motives indirectly by analyzing action (s). Question: what would motivate a police officer in his official capacity to openly in public scrutiny commit a brutal inhumane murder while onlookers beg him to stop?  Is the spiritual answer to this question grounded in personalized grudge hatred?

Officer Chauvin was not the initial arresting officer on the scene of a non-violent crime; he only went to the criminal scene after hearing over the police dispatch system the name George Floyd. Hence, upon arrival, Chauvin being the senior level officer he took charge. The question of questions is what is it about the name George Floyd that triggered such an ungodly violent response in Chauvin? Reasonable minds must conclude that Floyd’s death was not about a criminal offense or effective community policing, but a payback grudge crime under the cloak of policing/law enforcement. Here’s why! We know that Chauvin and Floyd knew each other from a night club work-related environment as security guards. Therefore, we can surmise that some type of incident occurred between the two men that triggered in Chauvin a hatred towards Floyd. Hence, he took advantage of his policing authority which provided an opportunity for a payback of revenge that resulted in the death of Floyd.

No doubt about it, Chauvin has a depraved mindset, because when an individual is defenseless and begging for his life; even crying out for his deceased mother and you continue to perform an execution-style posturing because you have the police-power to do so, there is ungodly depravity in you. The individuals who watched were so horrified, defenseless, and guilt-ridden that they could not defend Floyd against such inhumane treatment by a police officer that they called the “police on the police.What a shame! What then can we say concerning these things except God sits high and looks low, and if a man thinks he is something because of a title, he deceives himself, because: “God is not mocked: for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap.” (Galatians 6:7). Selah. 

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