September 24, 2023

Celebrating 31 Years

HOUSTON – Galilee Missionary Baptist Church recently celebrated their pastor, Rev. Dr. Edwin A. Davis, for 31 years of faithful pastoral leadership.

Pastor Davis became the proud pastor of Galilee in December of 1987, and since then, this amazing church has continued to reach greater heights under his leadership. The anniversary service was very uplifting, spirit-filled, and celebratory as Pastor James C. Carrington, Jr. from Willing Workers Baptist Church was the guest minister of the hour. There were several people on program who gave congratulatory remarks, one being Ashley P. Turner, who gave remarks on behalf of her father The Honorable Mayor Sylvester Turner.

During the service, the spirit truly filled the atmosphere as many people were overwhelmed with great joy. Pastor Davis was also overjoyed with the anniversary service as he declared, “it was a very beautiful, uplifting and very spiritual anniversary service.” After 31 years, Pastor Davis still enjoys preaching God’s Word and saving souls. Even though the job has not been easy over the years, what keeps him motivated is “his love for God, his love for preaching, and his love for God’s people.” He truly believes in helping God’s people and even after all this time, he believes that he still has more great work to do.

During the time of the anniversary, Pastor Davis always gets a feeling of nostalgia as he reflects over how much time has come and gone. He expressed, “When I look at 31 years and how fast they’ve gone by, I reflect over the first Sunday that I started in 1987. It seems like yesterday, but each year that has passed has been a great blessing in my life and in the life of my family. Truly, I’ve been blessed beyond measure.” In addition, Pastor Davis is grateful for his longevity thus far and being able to remain healthy in order to do God’s work stating, “I am grateful that God has blessed me to stay healthy and have allowed me to continue preaching the word of God. I know that He has great things planned for the future.” One thing that has contributed to his leadership is part of his favorite scripture when it states, “Be thou faithful, unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life,” from Revelation 2:10b. Faithful Pastor Davis has been, and faithful he will remain.

This anniversary service was definitely one for the memory books, and as Pastor Davis illustrated, “it is one that has left an indelible presence in my life.”

Photo Credit: Provost & Associates

Dr. Selina Chapa, AISD Supt. Dr. Goffney & Paula Love show their love and support to Lady Dr. Charlotte J. Davis.

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