September 22, 2023

Blacks Beware: Texas Republicans Poisoning the Waters Using “Race” and “Hate”

Story By: Darwin Campbell, African-American News&Issues

Texas Republicans are going all out to smear the name of President Barack Obama for political gain.

However, the undercurrent of the television advertising have a deeper sinister meanings. It appears that the Tea Party and Republicans want to rid the land of President Obama and all Black folks living in Texas. They are wearing it on their sleeves, showing a bit of their card hands and you are blind if you can’t see it.

There’s just something about a Black man being president of a “White” country that just irks them. The name calling character assassination is a true reflection of how the Tea Party and Republicans feel about Black people. Their constant disrespect and poisonous talk threatens to destabilize our Democratic system and create chaos in our society.

These Anti-Americans disrespect the very spirit of the Office of President of the United States.

It appears this Republican Party in Texas is hell-bent on making clear that it wants to punish this state and nation and everyone who elected a Black President.

The campaigns of Gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott, Attorney General Candidate, Dan Branch and Lieutenant Governor candidates Dan Patrick, Todd Staples, and David DewHurst aided by Senator Ted Cruz are laced with doses of the kind of racist filthy political words and double talk that poisons the waters of freedom, “liberty and justice for all”.

Look closely and you will understand that Blacks will never truly be accepted by an Aristocratic Grand Old Party (G.O.P.) that appears to date itself far back to the days of Old South, slavery, secession and the Civil War.

Greg Abbott said he wants to be Texas next governor, but runs with Ted Nugent, who calls President Obama a “sub-human mongrel” (birds of a feather flock together). This gives you great insight into a man who wants to lead 26 million Texans. (Blacks folk included?) We wonder about that one.

Maybe there are plans to re-open plantations and put us back on farms or are Black people going to get a one-time police caravan escort to the state line with orders never to come back?

Republicans, Senator Ted Cruz and the Tea Party are showing you in political ads and telling you that the welcome shingle does not include Blacks in Texas. Are these people really Americans? Because real Americans who believe in liberty and justice for all do not act this way.

The television commercials … “tell the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth”.

Should they even call themselves Americans, if all they care about is stopping President Obama and the country be damned?

Cruz, Abbot and company need to understand that this is 2014, not 1862.

Over six million people died in the Civil War because people failed to learn the dangers of abusing, hating and enslaving their fellow man.

Is the G.O.P. really the Conservative Party of God?

I remember a great teacher who once said. “How can a man love God whom he hath not seen and not love his brother whom he hath seen?” He also said “if a man cannot love his brother, he is not worthy of me… Ye abide in darkness and walk in darkness” (John 15:12, 17)(I John 2:9-11)

Republicans have been pouring and drinking “Satan’s Kool-Aid” if they believe that Almighty God approves and supports the disrespect of the President of the United States, the disrespect of a Black Man and the fact that you have chosen mere politics over true Biblical values…

Ye hypocrites … In vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines, the commandments of men“. (Mat. 15:8-9)

“Love thy neighbor” is a command, not an option … for these Texas Republicans … love your neighbor as long as he is not BLACK.

Attorney General Candidates are suppose to be the example to uphold the laws for all people.

Dan Branch is running on his conservative values and prays at a table with his family at the dinner table… Imagine that. After his prayers, the first words from his mouth is “I’ll Fight Obama”…

What kind of justice do you think Blacks can expect?

It is true what my grandmother said … “Politics and religion don’t mix” or at least you can see the hypocrisy of those promoting such ignorance and stupidity with racial overtones and sound of war.

What kind protection can African-Americans or Hispanics expect from an state’s Attorney General who already has let you know that his “Conservative aristocratic values” do not and will not include you getting real justice – unless it is at the hands of “new” night riders or a “modern” lynch mob.

Patrick, Staples and DewHurst want to be the next Texas Lieutenant Governor. All have decided to  attack President Obama in new and lower ways, including Todd Staples, who outright challenged Obama to an all out war. “You are not a king, and Come and Get it” with a cannon signifying defiance to his presidency and the Constitution of the United States that created the office.

These are men who want to be next in line behind the governor and run the budget and the State Senate. What do you think that means for Black people?

Patrick talks of how proud Sam Houston, Sam Bowie, Davey Crockett and others would be of Texas … well,  All these men were slave owners, supported slavery and the Old South and did not believe Blacks were citizens and did not free them after Texas Independence.

Patrick sells himself as a Christian leader who puts God before politics and who says his “faith in God means everything”… well right after that he says, “I’ll fight Obama’s attack on Conservative values.”

Mr Patrick, “You transgress the laws of God with your traditions…In vain do you worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men … and in the end shall be rooted up.” (Mt. 15:3,11,13)

What Republicans and Tea Party people don’t understand is you cannot love God and mammon nor can you speak out of both sides of your mouth … Now I fully understand Native Americans who said, “White man speaks with forked tongues”

Truth is “out of the abundance of their hearts, their mouths speak” and what they are saying is Real Black people are not welcome in the Tea Party, Republican Party  and do not have a voice or place at the political or policy table when it comes to being heard in Austin or Washington.

They even tried to make voting difficult through redistricting your areas and creating a Photo ID law before you could vote. All to advance their “Godless” agendas.

My grandmother was right about when she said a tree is known by the fruit it bears … Look Black people. What kind of trees do you see????

That is why it is important for all African-Americans to turn out and vote against racism and the prospect of hard times a destabilized Democratic system and chaos in our society.

If you allow the poison waters to flow … don’t be surprised when the Devil’s Kool-Aid starts to wipe you out!

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