September 27, 2023

All Access Art Market

Over the weekend, Post Houston hosted one of the biggest art shows by All Access Art Market. The show brought many painters, vendors, artisans, and designers to the event, and even held a Hip-Hop dance battle. The show was well attended and filled with incredible talent.

Throughout the event, you could feel the passion within the atmosphere, and it was a great experience seeing people do what they love in action. Artist Morai Elise showcased some of her beautiful art. She discussed what her art represents stating, “I love creating art that embodies us, more than likely Black femininity. I like to create art that inspires us, that is captivating, and that makes us feel beautiful about ourselves.”

Artist Michael Kendrix Temple, also known as Madd Kyng, discussed the symbolic meaning of his art. He stated, “My character is a symbol of protection and wealth. A lot of people just make art because its cool…I have a good knowledge of art history and I understand symbolism and art…I named my character Gensho, which means phenomenon in Japanese. I feel like we’re all trying to be phenomenon in our special way.” Madd Kyng produces art that can resonate with people in a good way and sheds light on different phenomenon from everyday life.

Henry and Brittny Tenneseee, the creators of 1058 LLC, wanted to create a brand that embodies black love and beauty. “1058 represents us. It represents love for us, so we wanted to create a brand that exemplifies and shows black love, so, all our products feature an uplifting message about loving yourself or your community.” Another artist, Jordan, owner of The Cutting Edge, finds his inspiration from everyday life stating, “Every day I look around and that does it for me.’

Kaliyah Morgan, a 16-year-old artist, found her passion for art through the pandemic. She also wanted to work for herself and have her own business. She mostly paints women to show their beauty within, which is what her name means. “That’s what I want people to see,” Morgan said.

The All Access Art Market was such a great event filled with many talented individuals. Art By Nato said, “The All Access Art Market to me is a place where local businesses and creatives display their expertise in what they love and being able to share their passion amongst others. Plus, it gives an urban experience when the market has different activities such as dance battles, live paintings, live music performances and more.”

The art show was also uplifting, positive and inspiring to all who attended. If you have an appreciation of the arts, this is definitely an event you will want to attend in the future.

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