September 24, 2023

4 ways you can see your primary care doctor or specialist during COVID-19

By: Dr. Fatima Ogunlana 

HOUSTON – As we all know Covid-19 is an unprecedented event that is affecting everyone around the world. Dr. Fatima Ogunlana has compiled a list of the ways you can possibly see your doctor during your state’s stay-at-home orders to abide with social distancing and to assist in flattening the curve:

1. Telemedicine

Majority of Doctors and specialists are seeing patients via telemedicine visits.  Telemedicine visit is when your doctor can see you virtually via video call such as Facetime or any other app to evaluate you and address any questions or concerns that you may have. All you have to do is have a cell phone with camera, Facetime, or the app preferred by your doctor and they possibly can schedule an appointment for you to be seen virtually. Telemedicine is great since many patients are older with multiple health issues and this allows the doctor to continue to take care of you as the patient while protecting you and the clinic staff. Please contact your doctor to see if telehealth/telemedicine is offered and for more information.

2. Audio

If you don’t have a cellphone with a camera or Facetime. You can also go the old fashion way just by calling your doctor and letting them know your questions and concerns. Please contact your doctor for more information.

3. In Person Visit

Majority of doctors and specialists are only seeing urgent and emergent patients in their office. It is up to your doctor to decide what is urgent and emergent. Please contact your doctor with your questions and concerns.

4. Doctor’s Office is Closed

If your doctor isn’t offering virtual consults, audio visits and their office is closed. Please contact your local hospital since many are offering virtual consults. So, just check out your local hospital websites and find out if this is offered.


***This column isn’t intended to replace the advice of your physician/specialist.***

Dr. Fatima Ogunlana is an assistant professor and full-time foot/ankle specialist at The University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas.

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