September 30, 2023

Our Addressable Issues


By Billy “Hollywood” Groves

There’s an old saying that goes like this “Power concedes nothing without a struggle”. Our current problems confronting our American Democracy are serious deadly issues that can and must be controlled or stopped. This power struggle is clearly visible and troubling to the majority of the people and the ones that aren’t concerned or don’t have a problem with what is going on now are those people who don’t respect people or their civil and human rights.

However, there are millions and millions of Americans who feel troubled by a Governmental System where the minority of voters has more power than the majority of voters. Remember this current POTUS lost in the 2016 Presidential Election to Hillary Clinton based on the “people vote” yet he still won (despite losing by big numbers).

Wake up America! All of my life I’ve been told and taught that America is a true nation with respect for its citizens. Our voting process definitely does not reflect this belief. Therefore, changing our voting process should be one of our high priority issues which need to be done to keep “America Great”.

As a longtime activist, I often feel uncomfortable when I explain to young people and other Americans how our voting system is set up in such a way that it let “losers become winners”. Voting rights is an issue that is addressable by our ordinary regular voters if they are given the information they need to make this type of decision.

Although we are making great gains by just monitoring the voting process, there is still mass confusion among American voters related to voting in all of our elections. By now, we realize that the “People in Power”, who are being backed by “Fake News” are not going to willingly give up their power without strong serious efforts from “We the People”.

Years ago the Black people of South Africa were controlled and basically enslaved by a small group of racists. Until the world addressed the issue and helped the Black South Africans become voters and free, I am sure that those people would never have gotten their freedom otherwise.

I know people are reading this and saying you can’t compare the South Africa situation with our American problems, actually there are many similarities between dictators in South Africa and the policies and positions of Trump. For example, the main problem that they had in South Africa was voter suppression which was accomplished through — force, deception, hoax, intimation and again the use of “Fake News” which provided miss-information to the people. Sounds familiar?

One thing for sure, our “Addressable Issues” must be addressed if we really care about the future success of America. We must change our voting system in the places where it needs to be corrected. I am definitely looking forward to eliminating the “crooked parts” of America’s democracy which has created such division within our Nation, so that once again we will be “One Nation Under God”. God Bless America!


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