September 30, 2023

Young People Get Out and Vote!

It has been said that ever since young people have been able to vote, they are the group that is more likely to not go out and vote. Why is this?

When young people don’t vote, they are missing out on the chance to make a difference, express their concerns, to be a part of history, and to get their voice heard.

In a time where voter suppression is very real, young people need to educate themselves on what is going on, what candidates are listed on the ballot, who and what they represent, and what their platform is.

It was mentioned that young voters represent a good portion of the voting population. This shows just how powerful young people are and why their vote is needed. Young voters have a direct impact to make change.

One of the main doubts that young people may have within the voting system is that their vote does not count. It does. We saw every vote counts in the state of Georgia not too long ago. So many people came together and turned a red state into a blue one. Every vote counts!

Another doubt that young people may have that may deter them from voting is the lack of trust within the voting system. With so many thoughts out there regarding “voter fraud,” many have lost faith in the one thing that has made America the “voice of the people.” Voter fraud became a huge conversation that was started by Donald Trump, who was trying to overturn the election with claims of voter fraud. This distrust could make anyone not want to vote, especially our young voters who are just now stepping out into the age of voting.

Another reason why young people should vote is, so our representation reflects society. In the diverse world that we live in, we need representation that is diverse, and ready to make decisions that reflect the needs of the world and communities we live in. Young people, you can help with that.

In a world where information is at your fingertips (hence your phones and computers), there is no excuse as why young and older people should not be educated about upcoming elections, candidates, and so much more. For young people, there are some issues that may not impact you now but can later. So why not have a voice in what may impact your life and your family? Get up, get out, and go vote!

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