September 29, 2023

You Must Understand! It’s time for a wakeup call

CORONAVIRUS – One damn word that has the whole damn world up in arms, with people scrambling and scratching their heads over what to do next. While we curse the ground this pandemic is running across, we need to find a way to mobilize and take care of our families until the government gets this under control, but the key to survival starts with us.

Moving forward could be simpler than we think, if we stick to the qualities many of us were blessed to be raised with. People think that the “old folks” don’t know a thing, but they are NOT the ones panicking while the rest of the younger generation spend all their time going berserk on social media, instead of hunkering down in their homes, cutting off some of the lights and making a pot of beans and rice!

Yes, I said it. BEANS AND RICE – and throw in some cornbread! You look at all the news reports, encouraging you to go out and support the small businesses and restaurants, and use fast food delivery services INSTEAD of telling you to STRETCH YOUR DOLLAR AND MAKE A MEAL FOR YOUR KIDS!

Good old-fashioned tap water can also save you some pennies instead of fighting over it and toilet paper in the local grocery store.

We knew how to survive back in the day, but some folks these days don’t even know how to cook!

Learn some basic 101. This is the perfect opportunity to really start communicating with one another, connect with your family and save some money within your own household: that’s the real stimulus package.

There are six elements that affect the world and they are all playing a part in this right now:

EDUCATION – Now is the time to really find out if Little Johnny can READ, WRITE AND DO ARITHMETIC! Use this time to properly TEACH your kids with HOMESCHOOLING like Blacks have been doing even before the days of slavery, when we were kings and queens in Africa.

HEALTH: You can have all the money in the world, but without your health, you have nothing. Start eating right, use this time away from work to get off your butt and exercise. Don’t stress. Try to meditate during these tough times and control your blood pressure. We are experiencing a domino effect. This global health crisis is affecting the economy right now.

ECONOMICS: Turn off the damn electricity and open the windows! Go outside and enjoy nature and save some money. And while you are doing that, think of the next business move you are going to make to help prepare yourself for the next time you are faced with a financial crisis. Learning how to invest wisely and to save responsibly is what is going to make sure you and your family are not on the losing end. Trust me, the way things are going, we could be heading toward another Great Depression.

POLITICS: I bet you’ll get involved now. You see where trusting in the wrong type of leadership will get you. The political leaders could have gotten ahead of this. Somebody knew something………

RELIGION: The churches are shutting down so you just can’t run to the Lord. The preachers are getting hurt and we have to rely on our own smarts that God gave us, in addition to our Faith to get us through this.

MEDIA – Stop believing every damn thing you read and find you a trusted source. There is a lot of good news and a lot of bad news out there. That is what makes our newspaper, African-American News&Issues and, so important. We break it down for you, without fear or favor.

This is one hell of a culture shock! Everything in life has a corrective measure. Just like the oil businesses and the health industries when they have a crisis. People must learn how to correct themselves. This is one hell of a message and one-two punch. You can’t go to church, you can’t go to school and you can barely go to the grocery store these days. So, what are you going to do to prepare yourself, because we just had a government shutdown last year, Wall Street is up and down daily and now this? The next time something happens, who are you going to turn to? You better learn from this and teach yourself how to take care of yourself.

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