September 29, 2023

You can’t do nothing about CRAZY

By: Omowale Luthuli-Allen

Some lovers of fiction novels swear that Moby Dick was the greatest American fiction novel that was ever written. Some of our non-fiction writers are certain to contend that President Donald Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, has penned a classic. It will be touted as one of the most consequential analyses of cruelty and the descent into madness by a head of state. Her contention is that her uncle’s erratic behavior is the result of child abuse by his father. She reasons therefore the elevator does not go up to the upper floors.

The Trump Administration decided to file an injunction to stop the publishing and distribution. By the time that his legal team could brush their teeth and speed to court, 70,000 copies were in the possession of booksellers.

Mary Trump feels that it is her duty to bring her uncle down because if he is president for another four years, it would mean the destruction of American democracy.

Family secrets are killers. She had to be an insider to be adamant that Trump paid someone to take the college entrance exam for him. This is a new one, a stable genius pays a surrogate a generous award to take his place at the testing table.


Our president is wearing bumpers in the middle of a pandemic and the American people are facing down a loaded Mack truck with 3 million plus infected and perhaps 200,000 dead by the end of the year. While he is stewing in his juices and targeting the scientists, the virus is kicking behinds and pulling tickets.

His calling card is MISCHIEF through the trampling of the rule of law and constitutional norms.

Mike Tyson thought that he was the undisputed King of the heavyweight division until he met a fired-up Buster Douglas and Evander Holyfield.

Trump refuses to call in the Lord’s prophet and interpret the night sweats and nightmares.

Richard Nixon, ex-President of the United States, in an unbalanced moment said that the President could not commit a crime. If the President did it, that means that it is legal. This doctrine of immunity is now being employed by a Presidential clown legal team to stall the Congress and American people by contending that while the President is in office, he cannot commit a crime. Thus, if the President is drunk as Cooter Brown and mows down school kids on 5th avenue, he did not commit a crime because he is the President.

I have posted past editorials on other anti-democracy monarchs and kings, King George and King Lear, Il Duce Mussolini, Nero and Fuehrer Hitler. All could not stop kissing their own lips, chasing their own tails, as they were drowning in their reflections. They could not stop because there was no way that a spiritual cleansing could take place.

Yes, read that as spiritual exorcism.

Maybe the problem is not the Narcissist in chief but those of us who need an Unbalanced Captain-Savior?



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