December 1, 2023

Worthing HS student honored by HISD board for life-saving act

Worthing HS student Marcus Dillard selfless act of heroism saved the life of  72-year-old Houston resident Gloria Cage. After Cage’s car became disabled after hitting a pothole. The car shortly erupted in fires with Cage inside. 

After several cars passed by with Cage beat on the window for help 
Marcus and his younger brother passed by and quickly turned around to assist. Using a tire jack, Marcus and his brother Marvieon broke the windows of the car and dragged Cage to safety.

“I was kind of nervous,” Dillard said, recalling how he broke the car’s windows and pulled Cage out. “Being a firefighter, that’s what I hope to do,” he said.

“We’re going to keep on until he becomes a firefighter,” Worthing Principal Khalilah Campbell-Rhone told Board members. Cage’s son said his family also is working on getting scholarship money for Marcus to attend Texas Southern University.

A review of the article posted by HISD Communications.




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