September 25, 2023


America is experiencing a socio-religious cultural crisis of monumental proportions. In fact, polarization in American society is at an all-time high, and self-centeredness is engulfing the soul of America’s spiritualmoral declaration: “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness—”. Hence, America’s cultural crisis is grounded in fear of the browning
of America’s population, and the declining White population based upon numerous factors. The front-line battleground is public education, and the intellectual turning of children against the emotional notion of White Supremacy. Scientific and historical facts do not lie. Individuals are not superior to others simply based upon skin-tone. Wokism means entirely different things to Black and White individuals. On the one hand, Whites define Wokism as evil actions against them based upon their false sense of racial superiority as well as their disguised sense of inferiority. On the other hand, Wokism to Blacks refers to self-consciousness and self-awareness concerning one’s universal humanity and dignity in the context of a multi-cultural democratic society.

Governor DeSantis of Florida has negatively magnified the concept of Wokism to the nth degree suggesting that there were benefits in slavery for Blacks.


Furthermore, DeSantis suggested that Wokism was being used by Blacks as a liberal political platform to confuse Whites and make them feel guilty for the 1619 Project (slavery). Sadly, most Whites do not spiritually understand the Wokism concept as defined by Blacks in the twentyfirst century: stay awake, don’t nap or sleep, beware of your environmental surroundings. Black people, we must not ever permit Whites to spiritually define us in a negative manner, because our ontological being is not grounded in Whites socially accepting us, because God is no respecter of human personalities.


America is a nation of immigrants, only Native American Indians are indigenous to the land, and its natural resources. DeSantis’s family origin is Italy, and his family came to America for a better way of life fleeing White on White inhumanity. Mussolini was an Autocratic dictator, and his best friend was Hitler. DeSantis was socialized into an Autocratic White Privilege Mentality. DeSantis’s best friend and political ally is Donald J. Trump, a four-time indicted anti-multi-cultural democracy ungodly criminal mind. DeSantis publicly has stated if Trump is found guilty, he would still support Trump for President. Let’s briefly examine Donald Trump’s family immigrant pedigree. Trump’s family immigrated to America during World War II from Germany. Trump has a Hitler mentality, and as President, Trump was prolific at spreading the doctrine of Hitlerism from The White House.


Remember the Charlotteville statement Trump did not spiritually and morally condemn concerning Jewish people. Trump has boldly declared if he is reelected, he would suspend the constitution, and declare himself to be an Autocratic leader of a White Privilege oriented society. God forbid that the spirits of Mussolini and Hitler ever reside in The White House in the mind and body of either DeSantis or Trump. America, we must not allow ourselves to become victimized again by an unstable and spiritually confused individual, because if we do, we are doomed to the eternal bonfire. In 2024, every American needs to embrace Wokism, and stay awake, because the devil and his Imps are attempting to burn the country down. America, cease dog-whistling, because the question is: can any Republican awake (Wokism) to righteousness, rather than sleepwalk with the devil toward hell? Thus, be aware of eternal judgment, because: “As it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:” (Hebrews 9:27a). Once again, individuals should never allow others to define them, because God has defined all of us. In 2024, the question of questions is: Trump, yes or no. Amen.

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