September 25, 2023

Why No Kings?

By: Omowale Luthuli-Allen

We have seen this movie before, beginning, middle and end. The plot is familiar as grits, eggs and poultry to a deep and dirty south family.

There is a reason that America doesn’t have a king and doesn’t want a king. A little over 200 years ago our forefathers fought a brutal revolution to emancipate from its mother country- Great Britain and King George the III. Although Black people were chattel slaves, Crispus Attucks still gave his last and greatest measure of devotion to the cause of freedom.

Ruling over empires intoxicates its rulers. The British empire was billions upon billions of acres but it was all smoke that was destined to vanish.

King George III got drunk on power and wealth. He hoarded the empire’s goods and wealth. He defeated the French and Spanish in Canada and the northern hemisphere. King George and the Queen had great perfume and cologne but the flies in it made it stink.

King George and the Queen produced fifteen children who were often despised by the public because they were low livers, endless crazy parties and wild nights, overindulging in the pleasures of life.

Ben Franklin went to England to try and convince the King to grant representation to his American subjects and stop imposing taxes. So we were taught in grade school that the King refused Ben’s request and this refusal let the dogs of war out.

King George had fits whereby he couldn’t stop talking and lying. The reason that one knew he was lying is that his lips were moving. During his 180-character Twitter styled rants his core subjects became his cheerleaders by using the stinking perfume and cologne.

Back to the reason, we don’t have Presidents as Kings. Kings feed their rapacious appetites, but their souls go hungry, then MAD.

Soon King George III lost his ability to have a good night’s sleep. Benadryl or scotch shots can’t cure this type of insomnia.

Black Crispus Attucks and Thomas Paine sparked an insurrection in Boston and all the Kings Horses would be unable to put the King back together and enable him to regain his richest colonies. Britain retained India and the Far East colonies for a moment in history.

In this cheap rerun the Kings magicians and doctors can’t stop the madness. Some thought that it was genetic- an inheritance from inbreeding. Some thought it was the inevitable result of the combination of a stable genius and a fool. Nevertheless, when Pharaoh gets the message the die has already been cast.

Our revolution in 1776 produced safeguards against mad kings who couldn’t read the tea leaves or smell the coffee. Our revolution in 1776 produced safeguards against MAD boy kings.

Brilliant and enduring is the US Constitution and the rule of law. Brilliant is the co-equal branches of government and the separation of powers. Brilliant is the impeachment process in the Constitution for abuses of power, high crimes and misdemeanors, bribery and treason.

Excellent is the stream of history that produced an Elijah Cummings who could say to the would be King, come on people WE ARE BETTER THAN THIS…. And now you know how this movie ends.

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