September 25, 2023

What’s the difference between a noose and a chokehold?

They used to hang what they called “low down niggers” in public settings under the guise of what they deemed “law and order” of the White Gods they worshipped and their manipulated systems of justice.

Today, the “low down cops” who are scared to use the politically incorrect “N-Word” in front of us still treat us like the “niggers” they foolishly perceived us to be — and are still killing us in public settings. The only difference today is that more eyes are witnessing the atrocities, thanks to cellphones and social media.


They feel they have the right to “take our breath away” from us today, just as they felt they had the right to back then, but now they’ve REPLACED the NOOSE with a CHOKEHOLD from cops sworn to “protect and serve” their own RACIAL VIEWS, hidden by the BADGES they have pinned to their chests.

A nigger… is a nigger… is a nigger… is a NIGGER to a racist who FEARS the STRENGTH of a BLACK MAN!!!

They pull out their guns, tell him to “freeze” while they surround him like a pack of wild, cowardly dogs and apply their learned techniques of how to “subdue criminals.”

When the criminal, in reality, are the boys in blue who are murdering the innocent.

A MODERN-DAY LYNCHING, that’s all it is.




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