September 30, 2023

We Must Stand Up!


By Billy “Hollywood” Groves

As long as I can remember, I’ve heard “racist people”in America say, “Before We let Black people have power in America, we will destroy this country first.”This appears to be a well-supported opinion, because over the years I’ve gotten to see a lot of racist activities directed at African-Americans in positions of power, initiated to not only discredit them, but to destroy the country they represent. For example, there are still questions of legitimacy about the murders of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and other Black leaders in America and about who were actually involved in their murder conspiracies.

With Donald Trump being president and all of the trouble he is causing and the way he is trying, to put Black people back into what he feels are “their”place; I truly know “We Must Stand Up”to this force and any other force that seeks to destroy us or America because “we can” win against them.  As I am writing this article, Trump is talking about shutting down the U.S. Government unless he is given millions of dollars to build a wall between America and Mexico.  In other words, he is willing to destroy the country if he doesn’t get his way. 

In my mind Trump was elected by a dysfunctional electoral college, made up of voters who hated America’s first African-American President Barack Obama. Trump continues to praise people like the Republican Texas Federal Judge, who just recently ruled in his court to end the Affordable Care Act commonly known as Obama Care, who made this decision because he believes like Trump that Black, Brown and poor Americans don’t deserve medical attention that can save and protect their lives. 

It is clearly visible that numerous republican politicians reflecting “The Trump Mentality” are still in positions of power.   Another example is the Republican Governor of Wisconsin, who recently lost the election for Governor to a Democrat, who actually changed the state’s laws to lessen the power of the Governor and Democrats in Wisconsin.  

Enough is enough!  “We Must Stand Up” to Trump and the mass confusion coming from the White House these days. It should be noted, that as for Obama Care, it has been working very well for “all” Americans who couldn’t afford the high cost of medical attention and were unable to get the help they needed.  As with any first effort, Obama Care was designed to address an immediate need and was expected to require some adjustments and changes to make it the best that it could be.  Because Americans need access to medical facilities all over the nation and because the need for medical care is an “All”American need; the truth is, the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) is one of the programs that makes America Great!

In a concluding thought, it is observable that with the White House in mass confusion, Trump under investigation and just about everywhere you look this same confusion seems to be present, it is time that “We the People”must take action and not let evil racist and disrespectful people destroy America, simply because they think they can.  “We Must Stand Up”every time we see evil being put into place through rules and laws in our society when we know they are being put into place to “hold people down”.

      We can’t stop people from having evil thoughts about other people and even evil intentions; however, we can stop any threat to “Our People”and America by standing up to people who are trying to destroy “Our America”!  God Bless America!


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