We Do Not Need Heroes

God is the only hero. Far too many Americans have a God-complex, especially Southern political demagogues, and Northern hypocrites, such as: Donald J. Trump. What America needs now are public servants, not self-centered heroes. This is why America deserves better than what The GOP is politically offering. However, the original slaves who endured untold inhumanness to the nth degree are Godly heroes, because they built the infrastructure foundation of something greater than physical death, the physical institutional foundation of democracy itself. Again, lest we forget that the physical foundation of American multi-cultural democracy was built off the backs of slave labor.


Of course, generations of Blacks who have endured the evil of racism are also Godly heroes. Even though, some Godfearing Whites in conjunction with Blacks vehemently fought to remove the chains from Black bodies, but the chains of a slave mentality remained on the minds of far too many Black Americans. Hence, non-God conscienceoriented Whites made sure through legalized racial barriers that Blacks keep their minds in chains through obedience to Jim Crow Laws, especially in the South. America, more so than ever before, we need Godfearing Christian servants in the public square of every ethnic-nationality, and religious persuasion. Otherwise, we can never fulfill the leadership vacuum in our multicultural democratic society, because we will always have too many want-to-be heroes for all the wrong reasons, and only for a season, because: “Be not deceived: God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” (Galatians 6: 7). Therefore, we do not need heroes in our national political discourse, in our pulpits, in our police departments, and most of all, in our families. What America needs now are citizens who have an impeccable God-conscience. Most of all, America needs citizens who spiritually understand and embrace The Preamble to the U. S. Constitution as well as the constitution, itself.


America, heroes are individuals with a Godconscience, and most of all, individuals who desire to serve, rather than to be served. Thus, a hero is not an individual who incites an overthrow of the U. S. government, and moreover, entices others to not obey constitutional laws. Heroes are not law enforcement officers who shoot unarmed individuals while fleeing a crime scene. A hero is not a police officer who shoots and kills an unarmed pregnant woman driving away from an alleged shoplifting incident. A hero is not an individual who sees the color of an individual’s skin before they see the universal dimension in humanity.

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