September 22, 2023

[WATCH MOVIE]: ‘Mr. Officer’ gives stirring, disturbing depiction of how police ‘see us’

By: N. L. Preston

HOUSTON – At a time when social and civil unrest is at an all-time high, and there is a growing divide between the police and the communities in which they serve, Houston artist, producer and director, TJ Boyce, has released a jaw-dropping mini-movie “Mr. Officer,” which is a stirring depiction of “How they see us.”

Boyce, who is a multi-talented singer and songwriter, with his latest song “Black Woman” rising the charts, says he was inspired to “do and say something” about police brutality in light of the Breonna Taylor case.

As most creatives do, he used his pen to lay out the blueprint for what became a movement.

First, he wrote the song. Mr. Officer, which features Boyce, Scarface and Trae tha Truth (who also starred in the music video), but he knew the “visuals” had to make a bold statement in order to show what he feels the police “see” us as – nothing more than animals.

Inspired by the late-great Michael Jackson, Boyce decided to enlist other A-list talents – including Tyrin Tuner of Menace II Society- make a mini-movie for the project, just as Jackson did for “Thriller.”

Speaking of “thriller,” that is exactly what the movie “Mr. Officer” is. Complete with big-budget animations and cinematography reminiscent of “Planet of the Apes,” the entire production was shot in Houston, Texas and is definitely a piece many will never forget.

[Check out the entire movie below.  Hold on to your seats and keep your eyes on your screens – the next 17 minutes will change your life. #StayWoke]

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