September 28, 2023

WATCH: Michelle Obama encourages Americans to get vaccinated

Former first lady — and many people’s “forever” first lady, Michelle Obama is encouraging Americans to get vaccinated.  The coronavirus is still out there, and in order to fight it, we all need to continue following the Centers for Disease Control’s safety guidelines regarding proper hygiene, social distancing and wearing masks (if you are not vaccinated), but the best protection for everyone is to get their COVID-19 shots. In order to return to normal, we all must do our parts.

From Mrs. Obama:

“Hey everyone it’s Michelle Obama, and I wanted to let you know that Barack and I couldn’t be more thrilled that we got our Covid-19 vaccine. This is a deadly disease, and we know the vaccine will protect us from getting really sick. It’s how we’ll start getting back to seeing friends and family and doing all those things we love again. So I hope you’ll join me, Barack and millions of others around the country and get your vaccine as soon as it’s available to you. It’s safe, it’s free, and it could save your life or the life of someone you love. To learn more just go to

“I know it’s been a long, hard year, but we can beat back this pandemic. With your help, we can do this.”

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