September 25, 2023

Voter’s Momentum

With the large number of candidates seeking to run for President of the United States in the 2020 presidential election, the momentum created by each of these candidates who basically will be running against the POTUS, has all of the possibilities of greatness for America.

Although, I’ve heard some negative comments from people who think that with all of these candidates running, it will divide the Democratic Party and make Trump’s re-election easier; in my mind, I see this large number of qualified candidates strengthening the entire Democratic Party simply because they have awakened so many concerned Americans who were not voting before Trump and his “Build A Wall” mentality came into power.

Every presidential candidate I’ve recently heard speak about their potential plans for our Nation, have spoken very well and positive about their work if they become President. When you compare their plans versus what we have heard and witnessed from Trump the past two years, their messages are most uplifting. American history shows, although some very serious mistakes against citizens in the past were committed, those mistakes should not be an acceptable path for Americans.

Our history also confirms that the majority of our citizens are willing to change their mindset when they realize, we as Americans are headed in the wrong direction.

I am convinced this is the driving force behind our large number of candidates. You will probably agree that America has never seen so much diversity among its candidates as reflected by their different races, genders and other variables, who can be labeled as non-traditional candidates running for president in this upcoming election. We all have heard the phrase, “Nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream”, well the only dream that most of America has been having lately about the White House is a “nightmare”.

Again, I strongly state, there is no way that having the increased voter momentum for the 2020 election is a negative endeavor. Being apathetic and standing on the sidelines while all of this dysfunctional racist un-American behavior is happening is definitely not the answer. I believe the corruption in the U.S. Government these days will be changed with the voter momentum that is occurring with all of these brave and strong people from America who are candidates for President and this voter momentum will even positively impact selection of other officers within local, state and national government. The fact that these current candidates are speaking boldly and publicly against Trump will definitely inspire potential voters.

In countries with dictatorships and tyrants, the citizens cannot speak against their evil leaders. We live in America and we will not let out leadership unfairly bully and intimidate our citizens. The voter momentum we are now seeing will allow us to put a true American in the White House, one who will respect all of the citizens of American and the World.
God Bless America!

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