September 24, 2023

Universal Elite Aerospace: Mr. Kenneth E. Morris, Founder/Chief Executive Officer

HOUSTON – Born and bred in one of the most historical neighborhoods in the city of Houston is Kenneth Morris. Being the only son of his mother, Morris’ primary education started out in the 5th Ward community. However, he and his family relocated to South Park where he earned his high school diploma at Jesse H. Jones High School.

During an interview Mr. Morris exclaimed, “I did not excel in academics in school and didn’t receive one scholarship offer so I knew if I stayed in my neighborhood doing nothing; I increased my chances of being another statistic, imprisoned or deceased like more than half of my friends are at this very moment.” Motivated to succeed, Morris despite all odds, knew that he had to commit to something that would reward him futuristically. It was at that time that he began studying to be tested by the United States military. Apparently his study style and determination worked because, once tested he scored very highly.

With his impressive scoring level, Morris was presented with six different offers. Amongst them he recalls quite vividly that there was an additional position that was set aside from the other job offers. His inquisitive nature made him very curious about that certain position. However, his recruiter told him precisely, “I do not know much about this job, they fly on airplanes, look for submarines, swim a lot and 90% of the people that attempt this career fail, so I wouldn’t choose this one if I were you.” But being a product of ‘The Hood’, afforded Morris with undeniable ambition and the tenacity to challenge any task, so he was definitely eager to do that which others opted not to. Immediately he responded to the recruiter and said, “Well, I will take that job then sir.” Which is exactly what he did. Hence he started on a career path to become an Anti-Submarine Warfare Systems Operator – Acoustic.

Upon graduating, he did not waste any time on his next plateau. Therefore, he enlisted into the United Stated Navyboot camp. He was flown to Great Lakes, Illinois and still remembers this first flight experience just like it was yesterday. Although he had to leave his family, Morris did not realize the monstrosity of the challenge he was about to embark upon. However, he declares that he will forever believe that it was the single best decision that he’s made in his life.

For it was in the U.S. Navy that he learned and retained a great deal of morals, ethics and values. He revealed that he learned to be accountable, gained structure in daily living, built  his confidence level and grew into a responsible young man. While in the U.S. Navy he was privileged to travel to more than 30 different countries and international cities. This feat allowed him the exposure to interact, experience and see the lifestyles of numerous cultures; that he may not have otherwise done had not he made this choice. During his tenure in the U.S. Navy he was promoted the first time every time and made the rank of E-5 in 3 years. This is quite an honor, considering that most individuals usually take five to seven years to accomplish such a task. To date, he has been the recipient of a number of medals and honors including: NATO Medalist, Good Conduct Medalist, Kosovo Air Campaign Medalist, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medalist, Sea Service Deployment, awarded as U.S. Navy AirCrewman, Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist (Navy), Operation Enduring/Iraqi Freedom Veteran and Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medalist and these are just to state the least.

Upon completion from the U.S. Navy he received a basketball scholarship to play at Seward County College in Liberal, Kansas. There he earned an Associates of Science degree in Computer Information Systems. Since that time, he has sought to continue his education and is currently enrolled in Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University where  he is pursuing a Bachelors of Science degree in Aeronautics.

After receiving superior accommodations, he finally returned to his native city. Although he found a career working in the Information Technology industry, he soon realized that this was not his true passion. Yet, while working in the IT field, Morris upheld the responsibility of being primary caretaker for his son’s mother who is a 100% disabled Navy veteran.

Due to this full time obligation he had no choice but to leave his full-time employment to help her recover after an unsuccessful brain surgery to have a tumor removed. Though he remained loyal to his family he never allowed his true passion to fade away. He made a sacrifice to offset his vision at an attempt to assist with someone else with getting her life back on track, as much as he was allowed to do. Though he was literally confined in the physical, he always kept his mind on aviation. He continuously mounted himself with literature regarding aviation, studied books and consistently kept up with the trending news and issues within the industry.

On November 12, 2013, his vision became a reality and he launched the Aviation S.T.E.M. program. A program that was established, “to engage, inspire and inform disengaged youth, teens women and veterans of the many rewarding careers in the aviation/aerospace industry.” Morris stated, “I emphasize to all the teens I encounter to never give up on their dreams and if I can be successful in the aviation industry, so can they!” Within the first 10 months of Aviation S.T.E.M. It has already positively engaged more than 2,000 students. Morris admitted that the numbers were well ahead of the intended pre launch goal. He is proud of the fact that his development has had the opportunity to work closely with several organizations and companies throughout Houston and is looking forward to expanding and working with other positive organizations. Aviation S.T.E.M. is constantly looking for great volunteers and donors to assist with the program; so that it may continue to thrive as it has for the past year.

Mr. Kenneth Morris invites the public to attend Universal Elite Aerospace’s Annual Festival. The event will be held at Hobby Airport, 325 Travelair, 77061.

To contact Universal Elite Aerospace call: (832) 455-0036, Fax (832) 442-3645. You may also visit UAE’s website at,; or follow him on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook under the following links:, and

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