October 1, 2023

TSU Hosts 2019 Maroon and Gray Affair

By TJ Baker

HOUSTON – “Invites of Generation Souls are still being created and crafted in the care of Texas Southern University! The History Monologue has never been Misinterpreted or Misleading while irrational antipathies Marvels {vis-a-vis} Texas Southern University! Teaching – Training – Trusting and never Trading or Trailing away from the Task at hand! Dedicated Designing Leaders who are ‘NOT at ALL’ Leisure Demonstrator Alumnus of Texas Southern University! Keep what’s yours, Maroon and Grey, and expand as far as… Dr. Austin A. Lane’s administration in the theory of meliorism and ganerium resolve; considering beyond results!” – TJ Baker

Thus saying, you would think Dr. Austin Lane is an alumnus from Texas Southern University (TSU), because he nearly jumped out of his skin and started “boogie-woogie” with delight when the TSU – Ocean of Soul entered the ballroom.
Recently, TSU hosted its’ 3rd Annual Maroon & Gray Affair which turned out to be a fabulous gala event. It was held at the Marriott Marquis in downtown Houston; even though I didn’t win the Cadillac and I had to leave before SWV performed, it was wonderful and everyone was having a marvelous time.

I’m so glad African -American News & Issues was there to cover the event, thanks to Steve Scheffler and Jourdan B. Scruggs. I met and was re-acquainted with so many TSU friends and politicians. Speaking of politicians, two of my favorite guys were there. Mayor Sylvester Turner and Congressman AL Green looking sharp as a tee! Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee, along with Mr. Early Hudnell taking photos of the event, Mr. Edrick Moultry; my wonderful former boss who now is the Principal of (HISD) Chavez High School. I also met one of the sponsors, Architectural Floors, who donated $10,000. Diane Nicholson was the recipient of the award.

But my favorite interview was with Vince Duncan’s daughter, Ashtyn, a 2017 Graduate of Texas Southern University. She graduated with Honors and earned a degree in Finance and Accounting. Ashtyn was also among the first students to be honored at the 1st Annual Maroon and Gray Affair.

Ashtyn was recruited and hired by 12 Fortune 500 Companies, the list includes: Chevron, Wells Fargo, Ally Bank, Black and Decker, John Deere and Microsoft. She accepted a position with Microsoft as a Financial Analyst with an International Rotation. This year she has worked in Dublin, Ireland, Copenhagen, Denmark, Singapore and Sydney, Australia.

Ashtyn is very proud of the unique experience attending an HBCU offers; she is so proud, in fact, that she convinced Microsoft recruiters to visit TSU and Prairie View A & M Univerisity (PVAMU), in search of talent.

Ashtyn is currently working at the Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington. She shared that while, “Living away from Houston has been an adjustment,” “the experience has been priceless.”

She and other past TSU scholarship recipients also keep in contact with Dr. Austin Lane at least once or twice a year. Upon sharing their continuous blessings that the Maroon and Gray’s scholarships have given them; they will keep giving because the purpose of this event is to partner with the community in a fundraising effort that will keep providing scholarships for deserving students.

TSU has hundreds of students who excel in their area of study, but without the necessary funding, would not have the opportunity to pursue a college education. I am proud to announce that the Annual Maroon and Gray scholarship effort was very successful, raising a total of $1.2 million dollars. This will help many more worthwhile students have the opportunity to be successful, just like Ashtyn and others are.

Photo courtesy of TSU

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