September 30, 2023

Trump: If it White, it Ain’t Right!

It has been said that misery loves company. Personally, I have never been at a point where I have been so miserable that I wanted to make sure any and everybody else around me was miserable. However, after analyzing the character of Donald Trump, I can’t help but think there may be some truth to this thought.

It shouldn’t be a secret to anyone in America that Trump is facing an impeachment inquiry into his administration. Now, a person would think that with everything he has going on in the executive branch, that he should have little time to meddle with immigrants or anybody else for that matter.

But this POTUS, wouldn’t be true to his name if he wasn’t still trying to stir up strife and hostility when his own back is literally up against the wall.

Earlier this month Telemundo reported, “The Trump administration will deny visas to migrants who cannot prove they will have health insurance when they become permanent residents or sufficient resources to afford one.” Trump’s proclamation goes into effect on November 3.

This tactic is just one of the many vices he is using to further his anti-immigrant agenda, fueled by hate and racism.

In times past he suggested: a water-filled border complete with alligators and vicious reptiles; an electrifying wall filled with spikes, or to just shoot migrants in the legs to deter them from gaining access into America.
What may seem inhumane to a typical individual, is like a “no-brainer” to POTUS. It is obvious that anybody who ain’t White, ain’t right in his book. Therefore, he sees nothing wrong with his thoughts or actions. He once said, “I have absolute power to shut down the border.”

In another effort to detain immigrants, Trump has recently announced “a plan to collect DNA samples from all migrants detained for crossing the border irregularly.”

Although Trump tried to pass the witch-hunt off as plot to identify illegals, this ploy has the power to affect law-abiding Hispanic-Americans – through genetic linkage. The actions and thoughts demonstrated by this POTUS shows the whole world his thought pattern – if it ain’t White, it ain’t right!

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