September 22, 2023

Trump: America’s Nightmare

By Billy “Hollywood” Groves

The violent deadly divisive evil behavior we have shockingly witnessed since Donald Trump has been President, is the reason our nation is living an “American Nightmare” created by this hate-inspired President.

I have heard one reliable national television media source state publicly that 44 journalists have been killed across the world in 2018. With the recent killing of an American writer Jamal Khashoggi by Saudi Arabia killers, it is clear to everyone, with common sense, that Khashoggi was killed because his death was ordered by the leadership of the Saudi Arabian government.

Khashoggi’s death was due to writing assignments.  Khashoggi, who was born in Saudi Arabia and moved to America, was a writer for the Washington Post Newspaper and had written some very critical comments about the Saudi Arabian leadership in the Washington Post.

Sadly, Trump has been considered a hero by the Saudi Arabian Leadership because of the stand or lack of stand he has taken in the investigation of this death. Trump has never condemned Saudi Arabia Leadership for anything including the 9-11 tragedy in New York City.

I truly believe Trump’s negative attacks on media outlets and people he doesn’t like are the inspiration behind all of these attacks and murders we are seeing these days. The nation of Turkey told the world about the Saudi Arabia murder, it’s obvious that neither Trump nor Saudi Arabia would have said anything if they had not been exposed.

The eleven victims that were killed in the recent Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Synagogue shooting by a racist Trump Supporter, the Journalists who were killed in America earlier this year at their newspaper’s office, the 12 bombs that were recently sent to former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton homes’ and the homes of the ten other high-profile Americans who opposed and even the CNN News media that received mailed bombs can directly be attributed to Trump’s reckless hate-driven speeches and his endless divisive rhetoric which is creating this “Governmental Nightmare”.

Trump, in “a rare moment of truth” said in late last month that he was a “Nationalist” to the American public. The last time I checked the term Nationalist, is used by White Supremacist racist Groups to describe their political and world position. The school shootings which have devastated our nation, gun violence that has killed people in America and other acts of domestic terrorism since Trump became president, have been created by Trump and it is well noted by true Americans, that everyone who presents themselves as racist and commits crimes against people who oppose Trump are held in high regard by White Nationalists and other “sick haters”.

If you have any doubts about what I am saying about Trump, then you should do your own research.  Start by going to one of his political rallies or view one of his past rallies via the internet. You can clearly see racist Neo Nazi, KKK, White Supremacist groups all over the place with signs and clothes with racist agendas proudly displayed. I’ve seen some of Trump’s “Fake Rallies” and I’ve seen a few Black people at some of these racist events. Although, the Black people appear to be happy at those rallies, as an African-American I can see that they really are scared. I know when the rally is over, they have to watch “their backs” because they are surrounded by some dangerous, mentally unstable people who “will” hurt or kill them!  

Remember, you can’t please the devil, all you can do is do what he tells you to do and hope it makes him happy. Trump has divided America by bragging on racists and people like the political candidate who body slammed a news reporter.  

All of those horrible comments we have heard from our POTUS have seriously damaged and separated our American citizens.  Until we impeach or vote this sick dysfunctional, mentally unstable racist man out of the White House, this “American Nightmare” will continue! So, GET OUT AND VOTE!

God Bless America!


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