October 1, 2023

Time Out for the Racism and Hate

Dear Editor,

We have kept a close eye on HISD and the actions of the district’s board members and how the Hispanics have attacked and plotted against the Black board members. However, the amazement has been how Aldine ISD has remained under the radar with the same kind of issues. Aldine’s issues stem from the two board members that voted against the hiring of current superintendent, Dr. LaTonya Goffney. They are Dr. Viola Garcia and Rose Avalos. They have been intentionally challenging her leadership. Why?

Believe it or not, the main culprit is Dr. Wanda Bamberg. She has been conspiring with Dr. Viola Garcia and Rose Avalos and others to push an agenda that undermines the progress that Dr. Goffney is making. They meet with Dr. Bamberg regularly. Isn’t this unethical, and why would a former Superintendent conspire to do this? After all she retired and left the district in the lowest academic position that it has ever been in, and with being more than 60 million dollars in the hole. The district has lost many good teachers over the years because of poor leadership and schools have to survive on bare minimum resources because of lack of funds.

Dr. Bamberg pushed to close Bethune with the support of Dr. Viola Garcia. Dr. Garcia portrays to be a classy, and respectful woman, but many people have observed her to be rude, disrespectful, and outright nasty towards Dr. Goffney in public settings. She intentionally ignores her and looks for something to complain about. Does it sound like they are trying to help students be successful? Hell No! One very shameful thing about this is, former board member Marine Jones is right in the mist of them. It’s time out for the racism and hate when Aldine’s superintendent is working hard to try and bring Aldine back with a reputation of pride and success. We should also look at term limits for school board members. It appears they believe they are invincible and forget what their role is as board members. This needs to be made public.
Thank you.


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