September 28, 2023

The Truth About Integration Blacks Against Blacks – Part II.

“The myth of integration as propounded under the banner of the liberal ideology must be cracked because it makes people believe that something is being achieved when in reality the artificially integrated circles are a soporfic to the Blacks while salving the consciences of the few guilt-stricken Whites.”
– Steven Biko

By Roy Douglas Malonson

Perhaps one of the worst things integration did to the Black community was pitted Blacks against Blacks.

We MUST Understand that although “handkerchief-head Uncle Tom’s” have always existed within our culture; there was a time when majority of Black America stuck together and supported each other. Primarily because we were in a class all by ourselves and Black survival depended on the collective united front of the entire Black community.

We MUST Understand before integration, the only division in America was Black and White. Back then, it did not matter what country a person came from or what type of descent a person extended from; all races outside of the Black race was considered, “White”.

Nevertheless, here we are over half a century away from the abolishment of segregation and some of US have gotten downright out of control. So much so, that it is devastating the Black community and making some of US look like complete fools.

The most recent example of what I am referring to is occurring right here in Houston in regards to the upcoming mayoral race. As a Black leader, it is one thing to have an agenda, however it takes it to another level when one Black is pitted against the other to accomplish his or her mission.

As it is, Councilmember Dwight Boykins has decided to throw his hat in the ring against Mayor Sylvester Turner. For those who have been following our stories, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

My point is that things of this sort did not happen prior to integration; because Blacks wasn’t allowed to vote, less known run for public office. As times have changed, Our so-called leaders have gotten so caught up with titles that they have took an eye off of do-ing what’s in the best interest of the entire Black community.

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