September 29, 2023

The Democratic Debate at TSU Barely Hit the Target…

Parting the Waters

By Omowale Lithuli-Allen

TSU Alumni and NFL Hall of Famer, Michael Strahan ignited the debate via a Video hook-up that focused on unleashing the power of millennials and HBCU’s to improve well-being of people of color and the nation. In the absence of babies to kiss, Strahan’s comments set the stage for a pattern of pandering to HBCU’s for the remaining of the evening.

Tellez DNC Chair gave a warm-up speech that touched all the issues that would lead to a Democratic victory against Donald Trump and the fossils in 2020. He set the table, but moderators Stephanopoulos, Lindsey Davis, Jorge Ramos and David Muir had a set of questions designed to narrow the field.

I was fortunate to have a prime seat, but I could not help to notice that the further that you were away from VP Biden, Senator Sanders and Warren indicated that you have failed to gain significant national traction and that your donors would soon divorce you. Evidently someone had gotten the message to almost all the candidates to cease and desist with the criticism of the only rock star in the party, ex- President Barack Obama.

Vice President Joe Biden carved out his high standing with Black voters by engraving in granite the assertion that he stood by the Obama legacy, good, bad and indifferent. One should be mindful that there were 3 classifications of Democrats on the debate state. Each group had loosely endorsed a non- aggression pact. High Loyalists were VP Biden, Senator Warren, Beto O Rourke and Sanders. Low loyalists were Senator Kamala Harris and Senator Booker. Senator Klobuchar, A house divided against itself cannot stand can be classified between the Independents and High Loyalists. The Independents are comprised of Buttigieg, Andrew Yang. Julian Castro reserves the freedom to be with or between all three groups the same time.

Beto was a big winner because he was a favorite son of Texas and the DNC had stuffed the audience with a cluster of pro dreamer and anti-assault weapons advocates from South and West Texas. Castro was a favorite son, but he came across as a provocateur due to his attempts to kneecap VP Joe Biden.

The next debate will have a starting point from the position staked out by Beto that he would seize the guns of those who refused to participate in a mandatory buyback program. Kamala Harris attempted to vault out of a slump by clever one-liners against Donald Trump. Senator Booker, fluent in Spanish used one-liners to illustrate that he is just a major speech away from prominence.

The other two issues that must be addressed are Medicare for all and the power of Congress to prevent needless and endless unjust war. No one, including Bernie Sanders has had the guts to say that Medicare for All essentially means the death of private insurance companies in America. This also means that 160 million of Americans would eventually lose their existing coverage. Many citizens are satisfied with their existing coverage that is often the result of employer-labor collective bargaining.

When Trump is defeated, the forensics will show that the black female, educated and non-educated suburban white women and surging people of color from a diverse American was his undoing. It is a mystery to me as to why no one really spoke to the war and disrespect on women by the President of the United States.

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