September 27, 2023

The DeAnne Group Honors Community ‘Sankofa’ Leaders

Southern Travelers performing a melody of songs

HOUSTON – Recently, the DeAnne Group hosted its 3rd Annual Holiday ‘Sankofa’ Celebration at the Third Ward Multi-Service Center located at 3611 Ennis St., 77051. The theme of the event was “Back to the Basics”, which correlates with the term, ‘Sankofa’. ‘Sankofa’ teaches that, “we must go back to our roots in order to move forward.” The DeAnne Group subscribes to a motto which states, “we want to leave a place better than we found it.”
Residents from the community, activists, business owners, singers, ministers and a gallery of others all joined together to celebrate with the seniors of the community as they enjoyed the award luncheon. Several esteemed and influential individuals throughout the city of Houston were honored at the event of whom the DeAnne Group has recognized as ‘Sankofa’ leaders. The Seniors luncheon was held in memory of Dan Gray and Samuel “Pomp” Moore and in honor of Mrs. Nina Frederick.
Tammy Moore who is the Assistant to the United States Attorney served as the Mistress of Ceremony. Founders of the DeAnne Group, Roy Dean Moore and Anne L. Frederick opened up the afternoon’s program while, Michael Robertson made all of those in attendance welcome. Pastor Leroy Joseph gave the invocation and the Southern Travelers put on a mini-concert which got all of the guests up and moving to the beautiful Christian selections of jubilee.
A raffle drawing was held  once everyone was seated back in their seats from the splendid musical performances rendered by the Southern Travelers.  After Dr. Lisa Burrell had words of expression the keynote speaker of the evening took center stage in the person of Rev. L.E. Gibbs. Rev. Gibbs is an Associate Minister of Second Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church.
He began his address off by stating, “Today is a good day, regardless of how you woke up today – it’s still a good day.” He made reference to the theme of the day throughout his entire message. Rev. Gibbs went on to explain that going “Back to the Basics” starts first within the home. “If you haven’t been reared right your community will be bad” he said.“The way you are trained is the way you will think and they way you will believe and your belief is you.”
Rev Gibbs referred back to Proverbs 22:6, which states, “Train up a child in the way that he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Throughout the building nods of approval were seen by the seniors and guests, which was an indication that those in attendance were in total agreement with the sentiments that Rev. Gibbs expressed.
Once lunch was served and all attendees assembled back in their perspective places, the 2014 Deans Lists Honorees were acknowledged. Dorris Ellis, Sandra Massie Hines, Florida Cooper, Travis McGee, Ovide Duncantell, Henry A. Vogel, Edward and Mary Banks, Evelyn Smalley and Roy Douglas Malonson were all honored for the outstanding work that each one contributes in their varying communities and businesses.
As each honoree was called, they were given the opportunity to have words. They each showed appreciation and gratitude for the honor that had been bestowed upon them.
Overall, the luncheon was a success and after seeing and hearing various speakers repetitively refer to the community going, “Back to the Basics” it undoubtedly gave many attendees good food for thought.

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