September 29, 2023

The Christian Viewpoint

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To: Dr. Bobby Mills, Writer & Mr. Malonson-Publisher

In reference to your recent article in the August 11-17, Issue of African-American News & Issues. I disagree with you about the Christian viewpoint article. When will African-American Newspapers and writers realize that African-Americans have a right to vote for who they choose and not who you think we should? Most African-American Newspapers are totally Democratic, because that is their mindset of several years of indoctrination. Many African-Americans have left the Democratic Party.

Have you heard about the African-American Senator who was Democratic and turned Republican Elbert Guillory out of Louisiana? Of course not, if you only listen and read mainstream media.

1. Look at the article where people testified that they have been a Black Republican for 16 years!!
2. Did you see the editorial on FOX news: the reporter Kimberly Klacik from Baltimore said that it’s not racist to want to have lower taxes, to enforce immigration laws & to want men to use the men’s restroom?

When will the Black media & newspapers wake up and realize that all African- Americans DO NOT go to HBCU’s just because they Black…And we DO NOT all vote Democratic just because we Black…We want what is best for our country and our taxes and our community, and right now millions of African-Americans see TRUMP as the best candidate for President.

When will Black newspapers talk about the lack of fathers in African-American homes? These boys need dads, mothers cannot raise this generation of boys alone…When will the Black press talk about abortion in the A/A community? These are serious and legitimate problems that you NEVER discuss!! Not all Blacks are Democratic and think the Democratic Party is for them, like the BET Founder, Robert Johnson. He recently said that the DP is moving too far to the left.!!!

– Anonymous

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